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Spineless Certainty

Now that it has become abundantly clearly that the Biden-Harris Administration’s decision to further advance the mediocritizing of government we can now understand why they have resumed the intentional disembowelment of what remained of Representative Democracies most enduring Ideals.

It’s not a power-lust after all they’ve managed to prove the dominance of an already  systemic form of narcosis. Yes, Beijing-Joe/Harris are a part of a very type of toxicity very similar, if not identical, to that which the British suffered (and in many ways continue to this day) from in the years leading up to WWII; a venomous self-loathing that seethes from overdosing on a type of entitlement, the privilege of unchecked too much of, well, too much of whatever it is they find unrestrictedly intoxicating; think of it as an overdosing caused by the excesses associated with no consequence.

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For the People Act of 2021 (HR 1)

The key to ending Election Fraud, you are being told, is to systematically institutionalize it and, quite factually, this is precisely what this dubiously and deliberately deceptive composition of ooze will accomplish if made into law. Yes, spewing forth as only the mind of Paul Sarbanes can articulate and orchestrate is no less than a full frontal, no intent to conceal, assault on the sacred construct of U.S. Voting Orthodoxy.

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Speaking Reason to a Roman-Like Crucifixion & Subjugation

Weakness of standing, purpose and reason has always been the greatest exposure, the greatest risk for Totalitarian Regimes for the simple reason that the only offense they have for the rule must also serve as its only defense. Ultimately, the support of and for positive movement fails when allegiance is no longer both compelling and voluntary and this occurs simply because the “movement” is no longer positive or promising; it degrades to become predatory and in political terms this means Fascism and make no mistake that while in theory Socialism, Communism, Marxism or Capitalism may have their distinct differences in practices, they are patently misanthropic, spiritually nihilistic and intellectually psychopathic. (Note: Never confuse Free Market Economic Principles with Capitalism, they are in theory and in practice polar positions.)

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Impeachment & Dumb-Tech Lesson Summary.

Well let’s just dispense with the fill and get right to the point!

Impeachment of Trump, if not absolutely idiotic, is most certainly Unconstitutional:

  • Seeking to petition the government for redress of grievances is, on its own, a fundamental point of the Bill of Rights. When a Citizen of the US is no longer able to do so then whatever government that would exist at that time and under those circumstances, I’m quite certain, would never bother with the Impeachment process.
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Follow the Facts; Timeline?’d

In a recent article, Refusing the Obvious, we offered various commentaries on the dangers of rushing to judgement, the near rabid level of forcing-a-narrative via shutting down decent, by refusing to follow the trail of curious ambiguities and questionable activities; nothing seemed to come of it, not yet.

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