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Biden: A Nation’s Retreat!

The brilliance of the Biden Campaign is that he may actually win by running on a platform with no single policy specific; the danger of this strategy is that his policy response (or non-response) can be motivated by completely anonymous or less than transparent motives either way you’ll never know. Ironically, if you think about it, this pretty much describes the motives of most who voted for him which, to a thinking People, should be totally unacceptable.

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Bewildered Yet? Biden’s Obama Retreads:

Oh my, this is another one of those instances where it’s really painful to be right but then again, did anyone really expect the field to populate any differently?

Biden is doing absolutely nothing to belay the fears of the non-consenting Public’s justifiable concerns; already, from the cabinet announcements thus far, you are witnessing the preparatory fulfillment of everything you feared and those things you thought were conspiratorial pabulum that allowed you to believe the anti-Trump rhetoric.

What did you think he meant when he said he’d “…be the president for all Americans?” Seriously?

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WuV19 (COVID) Facts vs. Fiction

There’s a great deal of misinformation floating about this subject much of which is occurring purely for controlling and arming the narrative. It is a factual certainty that a Public disabled by psychological manipulation is far easier to control and fascists find it a form of euphoria to imposes controls over people they detest. How far has it gone? Let’s start with the proven and unreported and you decide for yourself: (Note: we use the WuV19 reference in an attempt to circumvent the censorship, the true pandemic, that occurs for anyone who dare counter the prevailing script.)

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Points of Departure But No Escape!

The U.S. Election is already being viewed, around the world, as the “formal end” to the idyllic ambition of self-governance; the ultimate manifestation of Benjamin Franklin’s great fear that the People were incapable of doing what it took to “keep it,” to preserve the charities of Liberty.

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Confrontation: From Here to Somewhere Other Than!

Much is said about the divisiveness that exists in the current era, the climate of ever mounting conflict appearing as an endless flow, sans the ebb, of molten lava laying waste to anything along the path it chooses. Frankly I can’t think of a time when there wasn’t a narrative suggesting or threatening, by someone, that it was highly appropriate that the (then) president should be lashed to and then burned at the stake. And yet, as I consider the matter a bit further, I’ve come to the conclusion that Humans require various attributes of tension to progress, without it how else is forward motion to occur.

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