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Judiciary: To Contest or to Make Complicit?

As if a demonstration of our democracy’s ability to test the extremes of its durability Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Chairman, called a presser for the introduction of the Judiciary Act of 2021. Accompanied by cosponsors, friends and colleagues the most notable being Rep. Hank Johnson, Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Mondaire Jones Chairman Nadler unleashed the most coherent display of systemic ignorance; unfortunate of course given that they are the gate keepers, at least at the moment, of the Nation’s Judicial Order.

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The Wall of Injustice

While the Biden Administration works to pry political advantage out of human tragedy, with their watch us bait’n-seed- failure concurrently with incinerating virtue all-the-while the world watches in horror, the whole of humanity deepens its bewildering attachment to the absurd.

We’ve not yet tired of the “give me your tired” pitch now an integral part to the Political Culture just as Vote Harvesting is the latest livery of Social Justice. How did preying on those who suffer under decades of abuse, by fascist predators and their puppets, become a fashionable form to be cultured as if it were some form of virtue? Does this observation elicit an element of suspicion? Of doubt? Then consider, if you dare, the strategically placed and edited news clips highlighting the misfortunes of those – being openly encouraged by Beijing-Joe and his regimented horde – breaking the laws of a sovereign nation on every occasion that the U.S. Border is breached.

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Biden Chasing a Tail of Lies

Biden Chasing a Tail of Lies! | While Biden’s made his Political Bones backing one policy failure after another he’s managed to do so with little public scrutiny much like the mold or unholy bacteria growing in the porous grout-lines of a public restroom floor; now, sadly, he’s brought the same skillset to the 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. aided by the guiding light of intellectual derelicts such as Jen “I’ll circle back to you” Psaki, byrlcreem-filled bagmen such as Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken or, worst of all, the ferociously accommodating media.

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State of the Union Address – Biden His Time!

Yes, it’s now moved well passed a month since the traditional presentation of when the State of the Union would, traditionally, occur.

The challenge before the House and the Senate is how to orchestrate a Joint Session of Congress that doesn’t position all three Branches of Government to appear devoutly malignant, conspicuously pernicious and officially corrupt. Additionally, how do you get Mr. Biden through a televised event, available to the entire world, without him stumbling thru any phase of the broadcast let alone conceal the ear-buds that feed him content or the massive screen that will be required to be mounted at the rear of the gallery without everyone outside of the venue observing it.

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American Rescue Plan Act of 2021

Not much to offer, complimentary or otherwise, about the latest “rescue” plan that I’ve not previously opined; Congress has an unholy addiction to excess and as to the American People, one third is itself equally addicted, one third doesn’t care and the sufficiently disenfranchised representing the remaining third hasn’t yet figured out how to overcome the dead-weighted noose of the others.

On thing, however, that remains positively promising is the talent pool responsible for populating the advertising airwaves with supremely annoying names assigned to medications they pimp the public. Congress must be using the same group for manufacturing titles for Bills they pass; “American Rescue Plan?” Oh My!

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