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Crazy Uncle Joe & Cousin Bernie!

Crazy Uncle Joe & Cousin Bernie! Following yet another verbal assault, by Joe Biden, on a civilian it occurs to me that Bernie might actually be forced to do something he never, in a million years, though he’d have to do; make a legitimate and deliberate run for the Presidency. The DNC and their faithful are likely experiencing night sweats over the thought of Joe Biden being unleashed to the public which, until recently, they’ve been able to manage an insulating factor by using the army of candidates whose own exploits have drawn airtime away from Joe.

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Post Buttigieg: the Morning After Rx!

I believe, for most, that it has become clear that nothing Mayor Pete, not unlike Col. Bernie Sanders, says or does pairs well with what either claim as their core value or political compass; passing fancies, whether in the form of political intrigue or social fusion, never succeed as popular referendum they do however -over time- weaken the public conscience and allegiance to whatever the originating bond might have been. It has been proven that the effective fracturing of the social contract, the “originating bond”, is the opening door for the elixirs of deception(s).

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Bloomberg: The Dem’s Donald.

To consider a person of great character first look for the one who champions past the mountain of failures that a lesser person would conceal; we tend to celebrate the victor who had the most to overcome and this is likely the case because it give each person an element of certainty that even they, yes, even they, can be proven victorious.

Bloomberg is the greater metaphor for the synthetic world humanity is being forced to adopt, the collective accord that is seemingly begging for the magic-bullet, the lottery-win, the Ascendant Candidate offering the perfectly progenerative symbiosis that blends pure narcissism with the bliss of a heroin induced high without the price or the consequence of addiction.

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Dems Have’n A Problem With Choice:

A few years back I published the Blind Vision series, three books although each covering a specific theme they were tied together by one common ideal; the companionship that exists between the notion of Freedom and the expressing mechanism of Liberty. I wrote that “Freedom must never be confused with or thought as an extension of Liberty; the preservation of Freedom and the expressing mechanism of Liberty is an active and persistent engagement particularly when you understand that there are forces who believe they are at Liberty to vacate you Freedoms.”

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Power-Elite: China May Be Willing But They’re Not the Real Threat!

Since the days of Nixon’s opening of the door to China the jowls of predatory economic interests frothed-over with delight; they surveilled the terrain, the resources, the population and most importantly they observed the poverty of intellect common in totalitarian regimes and knew, from past practices, that fascist megalomaniacal types are the easiest to turn; they are willingly corruptible and history is flooded with examples of this simple truth.

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