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Trump: The Gain’s on Paper!

The economics of Fiat Money proves hearty for Governments, Banks and Financial Markets (for a time), but for regular folks it’s a perpetual blood-letting. Free (Fiat) money is fine and can be made to work, but only so long as its notional/nominal value-in-circulation is attached to some reliable unit. A perfect base for this would be NPO (National Productive Output) which would include domestic agricultural output, domestic construction (at cost), mineral output, oil & gas, raw material, export finished component output, finished factory output and twenty percent of “soft” industry output (e.g., design, IT, product development and financial serves).

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China: The Auction of Self-Preservation!

Not much tea-leave reading required to predict where this is headed. The long-standing lure of hegemony has always proven to be a fast-track tool for conflict; profits are always enticing as is the ease with which self-preservation is auctioned-off in the process.

The West financed the Bolsheviks which gave us Stalin, their “play” over Germany gave us Hitler, Khmer Rouge, a post-Pahlavi Radical Theocracy in Iran along with an entire region in various states of chaos. China is not, on its own, an economic or military powerhouse as some might think however, it has proven itself to be a quick-study pirating technology, from its western accomplices. That has allowed it to apply technological advances with relative ease and without the time and costs of development. You have several Presidents and Senators to thank for projecting this predictable and meddlesome form of failure.

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Trump: Bait’n Tweet!

While many view Trump’s use of Twitter as a loathsome tool of demagoguery in actuality he’s managed to accomplish something quite remarkable. In an era of 24/7 news cycle the media has mostly used Twitter as a mining source for feeding their compulsive demand for content; Trump, on the other hand, has used it as a trap.

Trump understood that despite his persona, wealth and notoriety he was a political outsider and that as President he would face near-continuous opposition from the monumental structure of the political elite. On the surface the play-nice-among-friends routine appears quite nauseating however, outside the specter of public view, the process is quite vicious.

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Shooter James Hodgkinson: Lone Wolf or Act of Rage?

They were simply practicing for a baseball game, ,attending a Christmas Party, dancing at a nightclub, children at school, sitting in a movie theater, working in a high-rise office building, spectators watching a marathon, folks taking an evening stroll along the promenade; examples of simple routines challenged by one of the most twisted affronts, save for aborting a child, to the conscience one can think of; the taking of Human Life.

The various stewards of our fashionably civil culture have moved away from reverent outrage and on to the snap-shot approach where honest inquiry is avoided and the clean-lines of prepared inside-the box script is preferred. The Lone Wolf reference is such an example, two words and there you have it, nice, clean and appropriate, everything explained.

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Sessions in Session before Senate Intelligence Committee

There was only three things to take away from today’s hearing:

(1) A.G. Sessions appearance served to further illustrate the contemptible behavior of James Comey and that his dismissal was appropriate.

(2) That unless ruled by Committee Chair Richard Burr during the hearing, A.G. Sessions has no obligation to report or otherwise disclose the content of his private conversations with the President.

(3) It is abundantly clear that the Committee is in desperate need of a reason, any reason, for being in-session regarding anything having to do with the Trump Administration or any of its prior-to-inauguration affiliates.

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