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Fawning Over A Senator Further Preserves the Tradition of Elitism

Every life matters as every Individual possesses the promise of the Creator’s Image and the possibility of or potential for the fullest possible expression of the unique gift we are each charged with the moment we come into being. We all have a date certain that will mark the transition between the lives we presently lead and the realm which follows; I believe we should do more to celebrate the lives of those who, working to express their unique gift, make permanent gains elevating and advancing the universal cause of Man and far less energy fawning over those whose actions delay or interfere with his advancement.

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Have Trump & Sessions Aligned?

Query: Is Trump staging an intra-AG feud in an effort to disarm Mueller and the Clinton-Brigade? To/for anyone that follows the strategic ambitions of the political elite, the Clintons are the best ever at weakening the structure of moral thought and ethical practices. They (the Clinton’s) are without question the best at masking culpability, the best at induction (baiting), the best at cross-contamination and the best at political obfuscation; the Greeks, Chinese, Romans and British are mere pagans when it comes to political/palace intrigue as mastered by the Clintons. Understand the broad connection of Clinton-Obama Era abuses and the present anti-Trump movement, the figurehead of which is Robert Mueller, by considering the following:

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