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TIMF E-Op No: 4 – Trade & Comparative Advantage

To look at the current state of the U.S. Economic Infrastructure is to witness the consequential effect of a theoretical flaw in action; whether it be a convenient cover for various other abuses or simply ignorance-on- command the march to the unachievable is now moving in to its 30th year; the homogenous global economy. The theoretical nuance upon which the global mantra predominantly relies is a conceptual paradigm proffered by David Ricardo, a British Economist, and more formally known as the theory of Comparative Advantage 

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TIMF E-Op No: 3 – The Corporate Animus

Generating revenue for funding government functions is without question vital to a cohesive and functional national structure and though I frequently make reference to the dysfunctional U.S. Tax Code we must differentiate between methods by which the government generate revenue and those methods which the government employ to confiscate it; it is to the later the greatest dysfunction occurs and to which this E-Op refers (we will discuss the former point in our upcomming TIMF E-Op No: 4). 

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On the Trail to Independence; Racing to the Dan River

In the winter of 1781, having overwhelmed the Southern Continental Army, Cornwallis was attempting to consolidate British control of the Carolinas; his ultimate goal is to bring the war north to Yorktown, Virginia.  

General Washington knew well that his Continental Army was no match for a direct confrontation with the British; at least not yet. A positive turn toward good fortune was in the making; the General received consent from Congress to appoint a replacement for what remained of the Southern Command and he turned to Nathanael Greene naming him Major General of the Southern Continental Army. 

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