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Real Estate Trends 101

I know of few people in the Real Estate Market that don’t want simple answers to a complex issues.   Let us simply refer to it as “crystal balling”!

Thinking on it for the past few hours I found myself chuckling at myself wondering,  if only I had that crystal ball ten years ago.   Then I thought further and realized,  I’d had the “crystal ball” all along!   WE ALL DID,…We All Do!

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Fixed Rate Mortgages Soften?

The Financial Markets aversion to risk is making its position known these last few days and the result of which (one of them anyways) is a rush to the Bond Markets.   The result of which has been a softening in Fixed Rate Mortgages.

For those of us observing the inevitable exhaustion from Heated Housing& Commercial Markets this will no doubt,  be received with a bit of mixed emotions.  If you,  like many in high cost housing areas,  took the route of a high leverage (90% LTV or greater) interest only or “neg am” ARM’s  you may be thinking GREAT, but I’ve lost 15% plus in market value in under a year and I can’t refinance even if I wanted to!

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