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Silicon Valley Bank: Crypto Risk

What looks remarkably similar to that of the 2007-09 banking calamity the closure of Silicon Valley Bank should awaken many to the dorsal fin that masks an even greater risk just below the surface.

“…banks that are openly favoring transacting in this monetary medium (which, by the way, has no direct conversion via the IMF) exposes conventional banking system to an entirely new ‘Off Balance Sheet’ (OBS) risk….”

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Chaos Induced Ignorance (Redux)

Whether it’s the sign of the times or simply the convergence of disparate interests one thing is for certain: I’m being reminded of the importance of remaining true to the better part(s) of our nature for this reason I make a point of reciting the following verse no less than twice per day:

“Challenge, heartily, the chaos induced by ignorance. Oppose with all means available any order that insists on maintaining or establishing a (new) status quo. Yours is not the destiny held in bondage but the perpetual discovery of unlimited capacity; this will not happen for any One confined to or bound by the disparate pitch of darkness. I refuse to participate in any practice that fails to feed me forward.”

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Israel: Changing Tides?

What seems like an ever-mercurial condition of State, beneath it all, Israel remains an intended outcome in waiting for its conditions to prevail.

In, seemingly, a constant conflict with the ambitions of Western Financial Ambitions on fundamental should remain crystal clear:  Israel can never surrender to external influences, to do so is to overturn an historical truth and a Biblical prescription. Stepping aside, for the moment, on the aforementioned I believe it prudent to consider a point long overlooked; has anyone considered the odd truth that Israel may be willing to implode upon itself.

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Equipping The Enemy on Departure

The ruse of the Biden Administrations departure, excuse me, “planned departure,” from Afghanistan is without a doubt an exhibition, on every level, of all things inept; sadly, I fear this caliber of action is now to be expected, it is now the new order of all things Biden. Oh yes, even as the Administration was in the midst of their “planned withdrawal” they continued sending military equipment to Afghanistan. Yes, the Administration latest policy, Equipping the Enemy on Departure, leads the exodus with (first) a near complete draw-down of Military Personnel followed by leaving behind an estimated 15,000 Americans (not to mention Afghans who provided strategic services to the U.S.) with no way out of the Country, 2000 armored vehicles, 40 aircraft (UH-60 Blackhawks, Scout Helos & Military Drones) and ordinance of unspecified quantities and varieties. Can you imagine the delight of the Chinese and the Russians, both eager to make playmates of the Taliban, upon their discovery of this cash-crop in U.S. Military Hardware. This is right up there with the Obama Blunder that left the highly secret Stealth Black Hawk Helo in Bin Laden’s Pakistani compound and long enough for the Pakistani Government to arrange for a full study and selective collections of components by both Chinese and Russian Intelligence operatives. The day will come, and you can expect it within the next 18-20 months, that the U.S. will suffer from the effects of its own weaponry.

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Biden Term: Snapshots over 4 Years

What started as an exercise, the study of “what if Biden is elected”, foretold an outcome that I never expect to happen; I mean, really, who in their right mind would opt for the assured devastation promised by a Biden Administration over Trump’s proven record. Yes, for those who have an axe to grind on the head of former President Trump I’ll grant you he’d never make it in a Norman Rockwell inspired vision of Americana but let’s be honest, at this point in the evolution of the American Experiment you need a Mt. St. Helens sized ego to fight thru the bile of Presidential politics along with a visceral mojo required to overwhelm a deeply corrupted system.

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