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Biden EO on Supply Chain Aims for the Wrong Target

To avoid the Public concluding that the power grab accompanying the COVID scheme was nothing more than a political power grab the Biden Regime, aided by “The Faucc”, the perfect caricature of Bureaucratic Incompetence, has no choice but to continue the hyping of the “spread-the-fear-reap-the-rewards” missive now moving into the permanent implementation phase.

Yes, I will agree that Beijing-Joe’s handlers played a good game when they built a wing of his election strategy on the plausibility that there was a better way to have managed this scamdemic after all it was an slick sell to a public that can easily be dupped into believing that they can save themselves by ducking beneath a falling sky. Really, what is there to say about a narrative that sells a broad section of the Population a false-positive particularly one that has no way of surviving its own testing routines.

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U.S. Foreign Political or Policy? Is Beijing-Joe Right? Is Clinton’s Amerika Back?

It is no great secret that since WW2 the U.S. has maintained a significant global footprint, its foreign policy influence largely driven by its economic engine and its capacity for projecting power though I would argue that gunboat diplomacy has increasingly become a dangerously ineffective tool but more on this particular point another time.

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Texas Size Fantasy

As the weather patterns push the Artic Chill deeper into Southern States (and no this is not a global-warming phenom but a predictable pattern predictably on replay) the appeal of renewable energy schemes again exposes its greater and permanent weaknesses.

  1. The conversion to so-called renewable energy is shutting down existing productive capacity at a rate faster than the replacement technologies ability to substitute the loss the end result is that the U.S. Power Grid is experiencing Black-Outs (Power Grid-Shortages) at a rate never before seen. The lack of planning of course is obvious however the greater challenge none dare consider is not only the overwhelming lack of developmental research and related funding but far worse is the rush to implement deeply flawed and far more dangerous (environmental) and inadequate technologies that do and represent far greater risks than those they replace.
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Spineless Certainty

Now that it has become abundantly clearly that the Biden-Harris Administration’s decision to further advance the mediocritizing of government we can now understand why they have resumed the intentional disembowelment of what remained of Representative Democracies most enduring Ideals.

It’s not a power-lust after all they’ve managed to prove the dominance of an already  systemic form of narcosis. Yes, Beijing-Joe/Harris are a part of a very type of toxicity very similar, if not identical, to that which the British suffered (and in many ways continue to this day) from in the years leading up to WWII; a venomous self-loathing that seethes from overdosing on a type of entitlement, the privilege of unchecked too much of, well, too much of whatever it is they find unrestrictedly intoxicating; think of it as an overdosing caused by the excesses associated with no consequence.

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Risk Tolerant?

If Beijing-Joe-Harris is as risk-tolerant as he claims, so forward thinking in his global dystopian view his open boarder policy asserts then why not removed the fence around the Capitol? “Come On Man!” “Come On You Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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