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Kase Kenny of WRFA Radio invites Author Curtis Greco back for – Questions We Need to Answer!

Once again back on the air with Kase Kenny for the latest edition of his unique ability to stir a conversation and navigate through topics that all too often the main stream media will never touch.  Curtis Greco delivers a message that all American’s need to hear and Kase Kenny lead the way!

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Denny Schaffer Quest Hosts for Michael Smerconish Show – The Year Ahead!

Denny Schaffer’s vibrant and engaging style is the pure essence of live radio at its best. Filling-in for Michael Smerconish’s nationally syndicated show was a fabulous forum for Curtis Greco and host Denny Schaffer to look at The Year Ahead! It was a privilege to be afforded this extraordinary opportunity but then again, this is the DennyRadio way!

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Christmas for a Reason

In the first book of Luke we learn that John the Baptists birthday precedes that of Jesus by six months. Depending on how one calculates, due to various Hebrew traditions, the month in which John’s birthday was to have occurred, Jesus’ birthday may have been as early as September or possibly as late as the first week of January.  What ever the date and/or ones religious convictions the foundations upon which lay the very essence of his (Jesus’) teachings are ones which compel mankind to a higher plane of thought and hopefully, action.  To love and even more so, to draw man in to the making ever more perfect the outcome of his efforts. By doing so, do we not then also, by extension, become cause in perfecting the lives of others?  I believe so.

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111th Congress: Faithful Indifference

Let us all be please that we are able to close out the season of political indiscretions each recorded by a political system (not to be confused with a form of government) known for an accomplished ability to conceal its hubris and contempt for the publics interests. The casual observer need only consider the closing week of 2010 to refine ones view of whether we’ve moved closer to or further from the bar measuring success.  In deed, the 111th Congress and its Faithful Indifference has made its mark on the tally board registering self-governments accomplishments.

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Scott West of Day-Break USA Radio Network Hosts Curtis Greco – A Year in Review!

Scott West hosts a top rated nationally syndicated show that’s not only a superior news magazine, he delivers an acutely refined inquiry as well.  The interview is fast paced and sure to engage your thinking. Enjoy!

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