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Fact and Truth are by nature immutable and for this reason require no defensive posturing however, they do require us to regularly affirm them thru courageous assertion and individual practice; they must always, thru our actions, remain visible.

Silence, ambivalence or fear allow alternate realities to prosper unchallenged, the types of realities that are built solely on illusions animated with purpose, fabricates tenants aggressively applied as invasive tools of deception.

The moment we surrender to alternate realities we suspend the promise we each uniquely possess and owe to one another. We owe one another our very best!

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Trump Announces Middle-East and Greater Indo-Asian Policy

The reality is that the U.S. is in the global geo-political (military) quagmire by design; a design tethered to a global-hegemony routine orchestrated by an Elitist Ideology that long ago confiscated the resources of the U.S. expressly for the purpose of securing its predatory interests.

Trump, by no means a Globalist (the opposition waged against him is all the proof you need to affirm this), has no interest in military engagements however, he has come to understand one fundamental truth: a unilateral pull-out is accompanied by an unavoidable risk, the foot that fills the boot your departure abandons.

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Monuments & Neo-Fascism

This Nation is once again enduring another phase of self-flagellation. A type driven by a wretched insurgence intoxicated by an overwhelming waive of self-loathing fueled by truly warped perspectives. With this latest effort, the adolescent motives of those soaked with shameful rhetoric, full of circuitous and baseless arguments, have now moved on to an entirely new malignancy, a new reality by enforced cleansing.

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N. Korea; Strategic Division & Going Forward

As to the nuclear proliferation of a militant N. Korea, make no mistake that the key for the U.S. achieving a non-military resolution rests on the shoulders of the Chinese Communist regime and the varied Interests that lay behind them.

The strategic division of N. Korea dates back to the days of expansionist-communism; the Korean War was, ostensibly, fought for the purpose of blocking its expansion. The Chinese ability to achieve the partitioning of the Korean Peninsula was largely due to Soviet-Russia flooding China with munitions, artillery, tanks and aircraft.

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Raise Act-The Immigration Fraud!

Strange how nearly every attempt to address the quagmire that is U.S. Immigration Policy is routinely plowed-over by opposing groups who claim nearly any effort to do so is Un-American.

This current effort has its weaknesses, however it does target key issues that do focus on the underlying problems and expose the fraudulent abuses that have come to represent monuments to politically motivated abuses. One of the key issues being employment/labor force utility as being (somehow) the feed-trough for fueling a bustling economy.

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