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Spineless Certainty

Now that it has become abundantly clearly that the Biden-Harris Administration’s decision to further advance the mediocritizing of government we can now understand why they have resumed the intentional disembowelment of what remained of Representative Democracies most enduring Ideals.

It’s not a power-lust after all they’ve managed to prove the dominance of an already  systemic form of narcosis. Yes, Beijing-Joe/Harris are a part of a very type of toxicity very similar, if not identical, to that which the British suffered (and in many ways continue to this day) from in the years leading up to WWII; a venomous self-loathing that seethes from overdosing on a type of entitlement, the privilege of unchecked too much of, well, too much of whatever it is they find unrestrictedly intoxicating; think of it as an overdosing caused by the excesses associated with no consequence.

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Risk Tolerant?

If Beijing-Joe-Harris is as risk-tolerant as he claims, so forward thinking in his global dystopian view his open boarder policy asserts then why not removed the fence around the Capitol? “Come On Man!” “Come On You Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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U.S. Welcomes Fascism!

The humility this Nation Suffers lies directly at the feet of Congress, more specifically, at the dour skillset of its political leadership. Yes, the Public bears ultimate responsibility after all we elect these misfits to office. And yet, is it unreasonable to assume that there should be some level of trust, faith or even some measure of a fundamental cannon of order upon which the American People can rely?

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For the People Act of 2021 (HR 1)

The key to ending Election Fraud, you are being told, is to systematically institutionalize it and, quite factually, this is precisely what this dubiously and deliberately deceptive composition of ooze will accomplish if made into law. Yes, spewing forth as only the mind of Paul Sarbanes can articulate and orchestrate is no less than a full frontal, no intent to conceal, assault on the sacred construct of U.S. Voting Orthodoxy.

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The Faucc Self-Liberates!

Yes, by all means, self-anointed, self-obsessed and self-absolved. But of course “the Faucc” (to be pronounced as “fouch” as in “pouch”) self-identifies his new position within and about the Beijing-Joe/Harris Scheme to be “liberating.” Given Fauci’s distant and flaccid relationship with truth and the science I’m not at all surprised that he would find comfort in an environment that favors his strict form of lunacy or, for that matter, should you.

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