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Putin’s Got B-Joe’s #

As the American Media & Big-Brother Tech work diligently at protecting Beijing-Joe, by keeping American’s in the dark about the wholesale corruption and incredible damage being done to this Nation’s Economic Durability, reality remains undeterred in its ability to exact consequence; the world outside the entrails of politically-induced hypoxia view this Country’s utter stupidity quite differently.

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Judiciary: To Contest or to Make Complicit?

As if a demonstration of our democracy’s ability to test the extremes of its durability Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Chairman, called a presser for the introduction of the Judiciary Act of 2021. Accompanied by cosponsors, friends and colleagues the most notable being Rep. Hank Johnson, Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Mondaire Jones Chairman Nadler unleashed the most coherent display of systemic ignorance; unfortunate of course given that they are the gate keepers, at least at the moment, of the Nation’s Judicial Order.

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China Warns U.S.

As promised and as expected China’s actively chambering rounds targeted at the U.S. and with no intention of backing off, and why should they. What weapon does Biden use to challenge the belligerence of the Chicons?

Does Biden urge Congress to sanction any further U.S. Corporate Investment in China? Does Biden block Chicom Shell-Corps from using U.S. Financial Markets to drain domestic investment and redirect it into Chicom Venture? Does Biden move to incentivize U.S. Corporations to repatriate their technological advancements strictly to U.S.-Based Production? Does Biden do anything to signal to the World Community that the U.S. is no longer going to turn its’ back on the American Public and work to re-cast a sovereign U.S. Economic footprint? NO, he does none of these or anything approaching a formidable, thoughtful and deliberate stance. What he does by doing nothing is the worst possible: He signals retreat.

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Professional Sports- The Irredeemable!

Professional Sports are, without question, a Federal, State & Taxpayer Subsidized Trust Fund directed at inebriating the conscionable adequacies of the American Public. Their stand on Social Matters, manufactured or otherwise, is provided a publicly subsidized venue for the open display of the dysfunctional fairy-tail promulgated from within this structured form of sanctioned degradation. I urge Americans to refuse being patronized by these misfits. I urge every American to openly and conspicuously boycott these ego-centric misanthropic toads.

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Infrastructure Investment Gone Wrong (In a Big Way):

First of all, let’s begin with a fundamental, foundational, truth: Central Planning has never worked, it is the equivalent of believing one is able to recreate the earth from an end product, e.g., believing it is possible to reverse engineer Planet Earth using an Apple. The age-old conflict began with believing One can entrust the creation of an economic success to an apparatus that has no concept or grasp of the components, the integral necessities, that lie back or behind any creative motive or outcome. I am speak, specially, of the engine of “compelling cause.”

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