Proclamation or Provocation?

This past Friday (March 29th, 2024) the White House Briefing Room released a Presidential Proclamation. In fact, if you take the time to visit the site, you’ll discover that on any given day there are a great many missives issued identified by many different titles; “remarks”, “statements”, “fact sheets” just to name a few and yet, more and more frequently are the “Presidential Proclamations.” So frequent their occurrence that they are not only somewhat meaningless it is likely that Biden isn’t even aware of the process occurring as it is or at all. Yes, yet another indication that the machinery of government moves on at a speed, purpose and intention of its own and so large and uncontrollable that it is frighteningly likely that untold numbers of events do occur without any one individual having to take responsibility for them occurring.

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Nikki Halley – The Lost Promise

Hope is an extraordinary word, it’s a force multiplier. On its own it holds a promise, a kinetic form far greater than any individual intending to operate without it. Add the element of Faith to the mix (and when I speak of “Faith” what I really mean is “Certainty,” the state of mind that occurs when you know that you know, no suspicion, no circumspections, no ambiguity; the magnitude and realm absolute) and you are now bound to an unstoppable force.

“…all that Gov. Haley had done is show that she’s yet another trojan giving cover to the divide and conquer fill-in-the-blank-card all the while looking for an advantage at the expense of both “hope” and “promise.”

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Nikki Haley – Sidelined Carnival Barker?

Over the last many months I’ve been troubled by a most unsettling and at time most foreboding sense of imminent conflict, the type that accompanies what seems first as a notion, for a time as a pulsating undulation appearing then disappearing and yet with each succession of the cycle it matures to a degree where it is unavoidable. The broken tusk of a once noble creature surrendered to an active state of decomposition.

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Silicon Valley Bank: Crypto Risk

What looks remarkably similar to that of the 2007-09 banking calamity the closure of Silicon Valley Bank should awaken many to the dorsal fin that masks an even greater risk just below the surface.

“…banks that are openly favoring transacting in this monetary medium (which, by the way, has no direct conversion via the IMF) exposes conventional banking system to an entirely new ‘Off Balance Sheet’ (OBS) risk….”

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Chaos Induced Ignorance (Redux)

Whether it’s the sign of the times or simply the convergence of disparate interests one thing is for certain: I’m being reminded of the importance of remaining true to the better part(s) of our nature for this reason I make a point of reciting the following verse no less than twice per day:

“Challenge, heartily, the chaos induced by ignorance. Oppose with all means available any order that insists on maintaining or establishing a (new) status quo. Yours is not the destiny held in bondage but the perpetual discovery of unlimited capacity; this will not happen for any One confined to or bound by the disparate pitch of darkness. I refuse to participate in any practice that fails to feed me forward.”

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