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The Defrocking of Liz Cheney

From now and at least until November of 2024 the outlook over former President Trumps political horizons will be every bit a minefield. Trump upset the political ganglia of the Blue-Blood Elite’s sacred priory and they’ve only just begun to foul the disorder further by continuing a relentless salvo of fodder. The aim? Simple: To bury him by way of shameless humiliations, financial bloodletting, alienation and ultimately silencing him and they’ll use the seductive lyric of the Fascist-Progressive serenade to intoxicate the public into willing submission. Why, when on record alone he has a scant few who better his record of success particularly if your favored measure is one based upon, fundamentally, a direct focus on turning the tide toward a better America, for all Americans. Strange and yet not so surprising that while his Administration was dedicated to an American success story it is the Political Elite who oppose him as have, unwittingly, most Americans. Enter, Elizabeth Lynne Cheney.

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The Death of a Narrative – The World Dismisses Biden-Fauci

Under the alternate heading of “Not Everyone Believe a Lie” is a reality that always was but has been smothered, painfully, in an attempt to seduce the masses long enough that they’ll be either unwilling or unable to acknowledge the truth or, far worse, reverse a lie relentlessly told and the extent of the damage it has done.

  • Why, for the first time, was the group-think message of “PPE” driving the messaging and not development of treatment which has long been the accepted medical practice.
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Colonial Pipeline – Not Just A Ransom Hack

The disruption of fuel supplies (east coast of the U.S.), although not fatal, is nonetheless a wound and one with a distinctive pathology. No incoming squadron of dive-bombers, cruise or hypersonic missiles, armed flotilla or laser beams fired from a space-based system but a nondescript, barely identifiable and devoutly parasitic force bent on disruption. A not so thinly veiled form of asymmetrical warfare with the added flair of ransomware, the neo-geek-tech rendition of the crazed loan gunmen; the perfect expletive for providing cover for a cause preferring to hide in plain sight.

“our goal is to make money and not creating problems for society.”

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Middle East on the Verge: The Message of a Weapons Cache

The Middle East is the emblem of convergence, the place where any sort of Interest comes face-to-face with an opposition force; the historical accounts are vivid. The eastern Mediterranean has long been a global crossroads were economy, intrigue and ambition played a deadly game; unfortunately, the lessons of history are all too often made to appear as exceptions.

Sun Tzu studied the deeper elements that lie back of warfare, those that lead to victory and those that end in failure. While the best form of victory is the type that happens without ever firing a shot we need to tease this ideal with a completely different perspective; the success of your victory when fought by a surrogate on terrain other than your own, a critically important tenant of asymmetrical warfare.

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Progressive Fascism; More Than Open Border Policy

In the world, where effect always follows cause, its best to think of an “Open Border Policy” as a welcome mat for national subduction, the end of sovereign identity.

“Money has no allegiance other than to the making of more money….”

In geological terms, subduction refers to how the Earth’s crust, in simplest terms, recycles itself. The earth’s crust is made up of a series of “plates” (a.k.a., “tectonic plates”) that make up the earth’s surface (continents and of course the ocean floor).  A “Subduction Zone” is the area where plates converge the denser of the two diving under the other and down into the mantle of the planet. An example of this is the West Coast of the U.S. where the Pacific Plate (Ocean) is slowly diving under the Continental (North American) Plate.

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