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Staging a Ruse

I’ve spent decades in the trough of analytics, absorbing (or as I refer to it as “sponging”) data looking for trends and patterns but mostly I learned to look not just for the anomalies that are obvious but for those that telegraph a calculated intent. Calculated intent is most conspicuous and most effective when it is shaped within a condition or circumstance that possess a implicit self-defense, the type that when challenged automatically repels the element of common sense, the seemingly inconceivable. The “lone fanatic” claim telegraphs a calculated intent, a purposeful simulation that when challenged make the challenger appear to be an absolute fool and instantaneously shuts down rational and justifiable suspicions. How effective is it? Well, think of the people who still believe that JFK, RFK and MLK were the victims of a crazed lunatic.

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WiNiP: Plunderings!

I’ve come to accept that any person who claims to be threatened by those committed to the preservation of their freedoms, and the facilities of liberty required for their expression, has neither an understanding of their indispensable virtues or have they ever expressed an ambition to overcome their reliance upon the plunderings dispersed by a Government who prey upon those who do.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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X-Hairs | Beijing-Joe; Let the Transformation Begin

As if it were synchronized is the best way to explain and of course the pattern explains it all. Not unlike the practices during Obama’s Reign of Depravation when open boarder advertisements were place in South American cities.

Biden’s one-world fan club has advance-noticed his Administrations plan to resume Bush-Clinton-Obama’s Open Boarder Policies, a.k.a. the “SPVRP” (Self-Populating-Voter-Registration Program.)

Ironic how the incoming Administrations Pandemic Policy is entirely incompatible with their plan to resume flooding this Nation with diseases once thought eliminated within the boarders of these United States but then one must never filter reason thru the litmus test of political hyperbole.

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Censorship Alert Ignored by Obama-Biden

The positive evolution of the human condition requires understanding, specifically, the capacity for understanding. While information is everywhere and ever-occurring without the capacity for understanding it is all meaningless and fundamentally useless and also a rational explanation for why Neanderthals hadn’t developed cell phones?

A critical, perhaps even an absolute necessity, component of the entire process of developmental evolution requires communication, the free exchange of data of every and any type. Every and any form of censorship not only suspends that process, in actually it reverses progress.

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WiNiP – Caging A Viral China

What I’ve Noticed in Passing is that while the media-complex, with its attempts at reprograming the public with dystopian view of Trump, they’re about to discover that their efforts are soon to face an immovable force; with each Biden Policy-Rollout the soon to be former President’s legacy will be further distinguished not merely because of its remarkable successes but, and I truly regret to state because no true American ever prays for Leadership disasters, because of the inevitable failures that Biden’s staffing selections foretell.

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