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GOP Bill Hurrah! Not So Fast!

In the end, success or failure of the GOP Tax Reform depends on five key prospects:

(1) Whether or not the effort (the new/modified Tax Code) sufficiently incentivizes Business to invest in domestic capacity. Which,

(2) will then triggers, it is hoped, a massive surge in domestic economic activity including employment and wage increases. The result of which,

(3) it is believed will generate an incoming flood of Tax Revenues which can then be used to,

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Rubenstein Defends Bureaucratic Bias!

It’s one thing to have Political Leanings or even Bias; it’s quite another thing to use the entrails of Government, particularly the DOJ/FBI/NSA,

whose power and influence is largely unchecked,

to assert a bias whose sole purpose is to affect the Voting Public’s right to elect the candidate of their choice.

Representative Government of an anonymous and acrimonious order; this is not by design but Intent!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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The Efficiency of Efficiencies

Systems of Operations always trend toward systemic motives; one being operational efficiency, or what I refer to as the “progeneration matrix” or “consumptive decay.” The former is one which trends toward a process of pro-active efficiencies which is its core attribute. Its competitive advantage is in its internal strength unlike the latter being its own peculiar form of efficiency. One that is proactive in the process of consuming efficiencies, systems or processes that adapt to a mindset of persistent malaise surviving on its systemic ability to feed off being non-progenerative and yet predatory at the same time. It loathes the competitive advantages of the “progeneration matrix” using its own systemic alter and mechanisms toward defeating or consuming opposing forces.

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Brian Williams – The Greater Rule of Duty; Broken!

The First Amendment protects Free Speech and, among other points, it provides an affirming sanctuary for The Press. Typically one finds both of these components conjoined such as in the case of Larry Flynt (of Hustler magazine fame) and offensive as it may be, to protect the right of the unseemly and the sensational.
So the question is this: Is Brian Williams actions (no different than any other media personality or politician) more an issue of duty than it is a matter of truth-telling? Given the manner in which the breach has been handled, by either Williams or NBC, I believe we are obligated to extend our inquiry a bit further. We should ask if the core issue of the Williams/NBC response is more a function of economics or are their reactions truly an affirming demonstration of a core feature long held to be a necessary component of a true democracy, the duty of the press to faithfully inform the public, and also an effort to demean the use of sensationalism as a tool for contorting the shape of public opinion?
Do we accept, perhaps even tolerate that we expect the bias of misstatements simply because we’ve come to prefer that the illusion continuing uninterrupted?  If so then the real problem is not Brian Williams or NBC (or any element of the media or political bouillabaisse). Mired within the illusion is the faithfulness of truth; peril unseen and unspoken yet no less absolute.
Whatever your perspective may be it remains inevitable that we will no less proceed at our own and individual risk. Even if the lie is repeated with sufficient frequency and ultimately is accepted as the truth, it remains, as an absolute, that the foundational reference upon which it rests remains a lie. Contradictions do not exist.
“Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong.” -Ayn Rand
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Elliot Rogers: The Impunity of a Synthetic Culture

It’s unclear to me whether the culprit is more a function of ignorance or arrogance; in a manner of speaking, it is likely both. Whether it is an age of tech or indulgence one thing is certain; we are in an era of mass-indoctrination thru media-driven vice and it is clear we’ve dared not to consider the significance of the effect, at least not yet.

The tragedy is not the method employed as the causal force resides purely in the choice or choices made. In the synthetic age of indulgence where we measure freedom in terms of impunity, the significance of otherwise native prohibitions increasingly loses their grip on our conscience and it shows in multiple facets of contemporary life.

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