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Biden Survival Strategy

There’s growing apprehension among the narrowing segment of American’s who still revere this Nation’s sacred promise; the implicit bond spoken of and enumerated in its founding documents. The calculated ascension of Joe Biden, chronicled in his 40 plus years of political failures and scurrilous acts marks a critical point in this nations history; the promise is about to, ceremoniously, be brought to an end.

Melodramatic? Perhaps but let us be honest with one another as to the basics, the very basics supporting this conclusion:

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Stimulus & Spending Bill – Duck & Cover!

With a Price Tag nearing 3 Trillion Dollars no need to spend much time on the sewage, it’s just more of the same old BS in service of pet programs, handouts and indiscretions but not a single dollar spent on any program that creates dollars, solves any domestic issue or expands the freedoms/liberties of the very people the system is intended to serve.

Here’s a simple “to do” list that will, I assure you, completely eliminate the need for the massive wasting of borrowed money:

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Prevalence, Distortions & Submission

It wasn’t difficult to detect the deception, in fact, even now, I’m amazed that even while my original prognostications of November 5, 2020 were typically accurate, I’ve found it far more significant that Folks have so willingly submitted to the overwhelming degree and prevalence of a deeply distorted narrative.

Life is indeed a constant and often exhausting contest between competing forces, good and evil to be sure but most peculiar is that this battle occurs internally, always internally. Perhaps the thought is best expressed in the following manner:

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Biden; A Crisis of Competence

Having been a student of history, a published author and analyst covering subjects on comparative (historical) foreign policy, fiscal metrics as well as the various gymnastics associate with fiscal and economic practices I can tell you, with absolute confidence, that each of these possess a common attribute making trend analysis decidedly predictable; the common theme being that Humans are the underlying force of each.

When we consider that all things human-affected (or induced) also have a common human trail, a detectable vein which I think of as a kinetic force and have encapsulated into thematic reference I’ve titled as Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics (KBD), i.e., the driving force behind “why.” Now then, with this point as a foundational starting point, let us move to the point of this narrative: Seeding Leadership.

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Fraud Dismissal, Idiocracy at Work.

Oh how the media has become expert at sensationalizing ignorance. Take for example their response to Sen. Paul’s narrative spoken at a recent Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committed hearing (held on November 16th); “The fraud happened, the election, in many ways, was stolen. And the only way it will be fixed is by, in the future, reinforcing the laws.”

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