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Kase Kinney of WRFA Hosts Curtis Greco

Kase Kinney brings his audience a broad range of hot topics. He explores local as well as national issues with a probing and astute format. I’m grateful for his generosity and genuine persona. Show hi-lights include Government vs. the Ideals of America, Global Economics and more. Enjoy!

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Clintonology Defines the Process

Many, me included, believe we are living in a time that future generation will see as an extraordinary period in American history. For well over a century the American form of government has been under assault being persistently probed by progressive interest looking for means and methods by which its deliberate design regiments might be overcome. The most significant moves towards these ends appeared most conspicuously with the first Roosevelt Administration and continued onward regardless of the party in power. It is my hope, if the U.S. Constitution survives, that we are about to embark on a journey away from our own self-destruction.

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Denny Shaffer Radio – WGKA 920 Atlanta

On-Air hi-lights of Author Curtis Greco’s visit with Atlanta’s own Denny Shaffer include a fabulous interchange covering Election Outlook, Juan Williams and a few “call-ins”. And, as always, Denny’s keen whit accents the interview – he’s truly a remarkable Host.  “Live” radio at its best!

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Stacy Powells of KMMT Radio!

Enjoy the recast of Curtis Greco’s “On Air” interchange with Mammoth Lakes own Stacey Powells. KMMT – 106.5 FM’s extraordinary Host expresses an extraordinary willingness to leave the sclerotic dialogue of the mainstream media and explore a select few of the more relevant issues of the day that for many are “hands off.”  I trust you’ll enjoy the segment as much as I did. We’ll look forward to our next visit with Ms. Powells.

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WiNiP – Reconciling Differences v10.10a

What I Noticed in Passing….

Being Human can surely be an awfully messy business! We’ve so many examples of inspired action and selfless leadership that surely we’ve no need to wonder off course for want of an example. Yet we continue to propagate examples of our rather curious approach to reconciling the illusions of difference and the chaos that ensues. The other day I had to “put down” a beloved pet and in the process of doing so I was drawn in to a rather curious observation which, as it turns out, is more of a query than anything else.  Trust me, there is a connection to all of this.

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