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China Warns U.S.

As promised and as expected China’s actively chambering rounds targeted at the U.S. and with no intention of backing off, and why should they. What weapon does Biden use to challenge the belligerence of the Chicons?

Does Biden urge Congress to sanction any further U.S. Corporate Investment in China? Does Biden block Chicom Shell-Corps from using U.S. Financial Markets to drain domestic investment and redirect it into Chicom Venture? Does Biden move to incentivize U.S. Corporations to repatriate their technological advancements strictly to U.S.-Based Production? Does Biden do anything to signal to the World Community that the U.S. is no longer going to turn its’ back on the American Public and work to re-cast a sovereign U.S. Economic footprint? NO, he does none of these or anything approaching a formidable, thoughtful and deliberate stance. What he does by doing nothing is the worst possible: He signals retreat.

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Beijing-Joe Steps Closer to U.S. Submission:

The alternate title for this essay could have been “While Beijing-Joe Sleeps” though I found it annoying and peevishly oozie so I confined it to the lesser domain of idle commentary; either way it remains a fact that his rabid neo-globalists have thrown wide-open the door for a Chicom deal with the Iranian Junta.  Yes, China has done exactly as (we) predicted by moving forward with a $400 Billion investment scheme assuring themselves of an endless stream of Iranian crude.

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Biden’s Blinken & Sullivan Blunder in Anchorage

Trump’s foreign policy success was anchored to a critically important understanding:

  • The world had grown tired of the U.S. living-off its post WWII prominence.  And,
  • Political subversion had consumed the U.S. Government creating a festering sewer were dubious Ideologues with no talent for or understanding of this Nation’s true power worked to poison and ultimately dismantle the advantages that occur when virtue is paired with intellect and the stature of formidability that follows.
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Biden’s “Killer” Talent for Failure

While few, with any level of discriminating thought, linger with any doubt that Biden is completely void of functional capacity, he is with ever increasing frequency proving himself to be both a national security risk and a supreme danger to the civilized world.

Biden’s pre-taped ABC interview, which aired Wednesday evening (3/17/21), showed the world that the U.S. Ship of State is without ballast; its Domestic Agenda as well as its Foreign Policy Apparatus is utterly without fortitude, form or function. Biden’s attempted bare chested blow toward Putin, referring to him as a “killer”, is adolescent at best, feeble in full dress and, far more importantly, ferociously dangerous. Why dangerous? For starters, try the following:

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Kerry Violates Logan Act

While Michael Flynn, on behalf of the then incoming Trump Administration, engaged in lawful conduct Comey’s FBI, the actionable tip of the Deep State’s Spear, entrapped Flynn under the cover of a rarely invoked Law, the Logan Act. Intended, and deliberately so, to put an end to back channel meddling by unauthorized Interest seeking to advance an agenda adverse to formal Government/Administration Policy DS Operatives politically weaponized this Act in a woefully divisive abuse of power common to fascist-militant machines.

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