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Israel: Changing Tides?

What seems like an ever-mercurial condition of State, beneath it all, Israel remains an intended outcome in waiting for its conditions to prevail.

In, seemingly, a constant conflict with the ambitions of Western Financial Ambitions on fundamental should remain crystal clear:  Israel can never surrender to external influences, to do so is to overturn an historical truth and a Biblical prescription. Stepping aside, for the moment, on the aforementioned I believe it prudent to consider a point long overlooked; has anyone considered the odd truth that Israel may be willing to implode upon itself.

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Biden Term: Snapshots over 4 Years

What started as an exercise, the study of “what if Biden is elected”, foretold an outcome that I never expect to happen; I mean, really, who in their right mind would opt for the assured devastation promised by a Biden Administration over Trump’s proven record. Yes, for those who have an axe to grind on the head of former President Trump I’ll grant you he’d never make it in a Norman Rockwell inspired vision of Americana but let’s be honest, at this point in the evolution of the American Experiment you need a Mt. St. Helens sized ego to fight thru the bile of Presidential politics along with a visceral mojo required to overwhelm a deeply corrupted system.

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Colonial Pipeline – Not Just A Ransom Hack

The disruption of fuel supplies (east coast of the U.S.), although not fatal, is nonetheless a wound and one with a distinctive pathology. No incoming squadron of dive-bombers, cruise or hypersonic missiles, armed flotilla or laser beams fired from a space-based system but a nondescript, barely identifiable and devoutly parasitic force bent on disruption. A not so thinly veiled form of asymmetrical warfare with the added flair of ransomware, the neo-geek-tech rendition of the crazed loan gunmen; the perfect expletive for providing cover for a cause preferring to hide in plain sight.

“our goal is to make money and not creating problems for society.”

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Middle East on the Verge: The Message of a Weapons Cache

The Middle East is the emblem of convergence, the place where any sort of Interest comes face-to-face with an opposition force; the historical accounts are vivid. The eastern Mediterranean has long been a global crossroads were economy, intrigue and ambition played a deadly game; unfortunately, the lessons of history are all too often made to appear as exceptions.

Sun Tzu studied the deeper elements that lie back of warfare, those that lead to victory and those that end in failure. While the best form of victory is the type that happens without ever firing a shot we need to tease this ideal with a completely different perspective; the success of your victory when fought by a surrogate on terrain other than your own, a critically important tenant of asymmetrical warfare.

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Secretary Blinken’s – A Nu Narrative for Failure

I’m having second thoughts on the title, should I brand it “Middle-East Blow Back Afoot”, perhaps “Biden Sleeps Thru The Unraveling of Trumps Middle-East Success” or better yet why not just get straight to the point and call it what it is: “How to Turn an Ally (Israel) into a Most Troubling Foe!”

The apparatus of the Biden Admins Foreign Policy Agenda is no different than that of the Bush-Doctrine which, for the record, I am fundamentally and terminally opposed to. Their theology of global policy is indistinguishable from their economic policy which is, in effect, global autonomy under the guise of making the world safe for democracy which is the type of logic that in practice amounts to discretionary gunboat diplomacy; we insert ourselves into a circumstance as a solution to a problem of our own making.

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