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Secretary Blinken’s – A Nu Narrative for Failure

I’m having second thoughts on the title, should I brand it “Middle-East Blow Back Afoot”, perhaps “Biden Sleeps Thru The Unraveling of Trumps Middle-East Success” or better yet why not just get straight to the point and call it what it is: “How to Turn an Ally (Israel) into a Most Troubling Foe!”

The apparatus of the Biden Admins Foreign Policy Agenda is no different than that of the Bush-Doctrine which, for the record, I am fundamentally and terminally opposed to. Their theology of global policy is indistinguishable from their economic policy which is, in effect, global autonomy under the guise of making the world safe for democracy which is the type of logic that in practice amounts to discretionary gunboat diplomacy; we insert ourselves into a circumstance as a solution to a problem of our own making.

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John Kerry: Pathogens of the Corrupt

In a near perpetual effort to drive himself away from the enclave of anonymity and insure a ready stream of revenue Kerry has become the progressive-fascists indispensable stooge. As a card-carrying member of the Clinton catalogue of post 60’s-era social predators, were Kerry travel depravity, failure and duplicity follow. Why and how does he attract such success? Simple, Kerry blushes with the symbiotic ooze of kumbaya; it’s so “John Kerry” that he, himself, is Beijing-Joe’s Climate Czar.

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Floyd Decision: Cat’s Don’t Bark

A view thru the prism of insanity is the latest social norm; whether from the vantage point within cancel-culture, color-in or outside-the-line-lives matter, the cult of professional sports destined to tarnished itself with frenetic nit-witted pc-alignment or the circus tent of corporate do-goodery’s marketing-feed perpetual affirmation of its own brand-diversity-identity pledge there is no quarter safe from the prevailing winds of lunacy.

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Putin’s Got B-Joe’s #

As the American Media & Big-Brother Tech work diligently at protecting Beijing-Joe, by keeping American’s in the dark about the wholesale corruption and incredible damage being done to this Nation’s Economic Durability, reality remains undeterred in its ability to exact consequence; the world outside the entrails of politically-induced hypoxia view this Country’s utter stupidity quite differently.

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Judiciary: To Contest or to Make Complicit?

As if a demonstration of our democracy’s ability to test the extremes of its durability Jerry Nadler, House Judiciary Chairman, called a presser for the introduction of the Judiciary Act of 2021. Accompanied by cosponsors, friends and colleagues the most notable being Rep. Hank Johnson, Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Mondaire Jones Chairman Nadler unleashed the most coherent display of systemic ignorance; unfortunate of course given that they are the gate keepers, at least at the moment, of the Nation’s Judicial Order.

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