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NFL and the Expanding Spectacle of Fashionability!

I believe we can all agree that Sport is a good thing for everyone; helps keep the body fit and the mind sharp. Professional sport, on the other hand, is an exhibition, a spectacle if you will and I sincerely doubt folks attend these events with the expectation of being bludgeoned by the improprieties of Athletes. It is more likely that professional sports fills the publics need or desire to escape, if only for a time, prevailing social or personal tensions.

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Disappearing Economic Engine Continues

A diverse and productive economy is not only a potent tool for expanding a broad and fertile wage base it is, as we’ve discussed many times, a national security issue.

Leo Gerard has penned a piece that refines the topic in a discussion that looks at the effect of worthless and reckless Trade Policy on both the American Steel and Aluminum Industries.

As the Administration moves forward with its Economic and Trade-Policy Agenda it is vital that Americans are equipped to challenge lapses in judgement. Do take a few moments and read Gerard’s article; it’s worth your time and effort.

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The Diseases of Despair

Recently a dear Friend sent me a link to an interesting piece by Chris Hedges, requesting my response. Intrigued by the title I was drawn to the task and having done so I reclined to consider the piece and was immediately reminded of the great challenge I encounter when working to digest the meaning of and behind missives of social-conscience.

Most often social movements are driven by incredibly imbalanced forces and quite frankly I often find it difficult to identify what it is they want, the “what” it is that they’re after, the “what” of what is to be gained (other than chaos and further imbalance) or accomplished and most critically important, how or in what way does their goal align with further perfecting Mankind’s nearness to the Ideal.

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