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Congress on DHS – Where Parading Substitutes for Principal

Although Sen Harry Reid (D-NV), former Senate Majority Leader, holds the historical distinction of being on the nation’s Top Ten Most Divisive list, the current Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, appears destined to the ranks of the tactically challenged. In an era where a developing security threat is a mere ten second sound-bite away why would you ever consider using DHS Funding as a tool for political hostage taking?

In a Representative Constitutional Republic (such as the U.S. design intended), abuse of power is the single greatest and most corruptible risk for which there is no defense. The President’s use of Executive Authority as a mechanism for altering Federal Immigration Law is a most corruptible abuse of power.

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Iran Deal: Unwinding Gravity!

Americans rarely want to see their President fail; personally, I’d prefer that history record each Presidents term in office as a continuation of our self-perfecting ambitions, our national legacy of success. Unfortunately, President Obama has been deluded into believing that he possesses the powers akin to that of an alchemist; the ability to completely reverse the order of rule without consequence. Not as a matter of defiance but more so from a position simply stated as expectancy. He actually expects that by the mere act of having spoken that all order, having been the common practice(s) of the universe, will summarily suspend taking the predictability of consequence along with it.
In a nut shell: The President has decided to anoint the Islamic Republic (a contradiction in terms) of Iran as Regional Robo-Cop of the Middle-East. He believes that his personal currency of caricaturized-intellect is sufficient to suspend both history and the historical order-of-rule which has always accompanied Militarized Islamic Regimes, always.
Suspending Iran’s nuclear capacity may sound like a yippee-moment, but understand this: it does nothing to address their existing capability or to eliminate their ability to unleash or resume the processes and it does nothing to sanitize the eternal Sunni-Shiite conflict that exists throughout the entire Islamic World. Any Deal with Iran, particularly when we consider the only issues being negotiated are those which Iran’s Khomeini will consider, serves only to further diminish U.S. prestige and credibility which, under the present Administration, has never been lower. Desperation-for-a-deal, by Obama’s negotiating team, has had a devastating effect on what would otherwise have been an overwhelming position of strength for the U.S. One might characterize this as nothing more than a hungry child begging a bully for his lunch-money the worm just stole from him; a tragic role reversal for the United States.
It gets worse; Obama’s anointing of Iran is seen as an insult to Saudi Arabia. Recall that the U.S. (circa 1973) made a perpetual defense agreement with Saudi Arabia whereby the U.S. would guarantee their security in exchange for anchoring the trading of OPEC oil to the U.S. dollar (a.k.a., Petro Dollar). This is the genesis of both the dollar as the worlds reserve currency and the open licensing of print on demand U.S. Monetary Policy. Obvious as the risk should be nonetheless, Mr. Obama seems completely ignorant of the global economic consequence his selective unwinding of gravity will have, specifically as it relates to what’s left of the U.S. economy and the tattered middle-class.
One minor shift in the manner in which oil is traded will have catastrophic consequences for the U.S. dollar and this is precisely what Russia, China and the E.U. would love to see happen. It’s so very difficult for Americans as they continue to endure, that while their leaders claim to love America they consistently act as if the American people are their enemies.
The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was published. We believe you will find them of interest.
#1: Many have often expressed concerns as to the massive global debt denominated in U.S. dollars (estimated to be in the neighborhood of $950 Trillion) and wondering how it would ever be possible to pay this off. The fact is that it was never, ever, planned that the debt would be paid off; it would be vaporized by way of an economic collapse no different than it has occurred in the past. Ironically though, it is individual wealth that is vaporized, but not the practices that lay behind the process that feeds off its occurrence.
Obama, like most Presidents before him, and Congress have been either willing or ignorant participants in the process. What has long been planned is coming to a wallet near you; oh it will appear to be U.S. currency, but it will be regulated by the IMF who will integrate the administration of all national/regional currency(s) thru the use of what, in simplest terms, is unitized valuation (per currency unit) based on a basket or “blending” of all currencies.  More on this another time. 
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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Elizabeth Warren: More Dangerous than Hilly?

Yes, in the category of nuances to anoint, Ms. Warren is nothing more than another devotee of change drawing from the very same microbial reservoir of lesions as Mr. Obama and for that matter, at least one third of Congress. How conveniently coy as she cleverly scripts the ever elusive high-road in the form of an emergency post-mortem rife with selective targeting (see the article/link below). Though few of her growing fan-base are aware of or dare consider the following:

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Islamists – Waging Apocalypse

The evolution of Islamic Extremism, in the current era, can be viewed in photos taken from any area of the war-torn Middle-East. From Afghanistan to N. Africa and the Gulf of Aden to the Turkish Boarder abandoned U.S. Military gear transports insurgents brandishing Russian Weapons; tragic irony. Emerging from centuries of meddling by outside interests carving-out resources and redrawing lines in the regions shifting sands is a brand of Islam not seen in nearly 1500 years and much of the world, ignorant of its history, are not prepared to deal with it.

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Obama, State Department Idles at Short-Sighted Pace

The President is being hammered for his no-policy Foreign Policy stance. Some suggest his leading from behind describes his ponderously inept stasis however, the reality is somewhat different. The President believes his skill-set is far superior, as if he were Oz (behind the emerald curtain) dossing at will the global conscience into his vision of submission.

It has long been known that the current Middle-East quagmire originates circa the first Iran-Iraq war. As a surrogate battle-front for West vs. East interest with Iranians Islamic Regime (in reality more of military style Junta) being backed chiefly by Russia (then the U.S.S.R.) and the Chinese. The U.S. opted for a policy of containment and later, with the fall of the Soviet Regime, continued the policy believing that the very same or similar policy approach levied against Russia would eventually suffocate the Iranian Junta as well.

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