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Election Fraud on Display in Arizona: Watch Live

Are you interested in the truth? If so, then you need to be watching this “live” event being hosted by the State Legislature of Arizona.

Election Fraud cancels every legitimate Vote recorded! Free and Fair Elections? A whole new spin on the every expanding “Cancel Culture”; it’s alive and well!

The Fraud is absolutely consistent with what we reported on 11/05/20 with one significant exception; it’s actually far worse and far more surgically organized than even we first thought. If you can’t watch the event “Live” then I recommend you look for broadcast on YouTube.

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Biden: A Nation’s Retreat!

The brilliance of the Biden Campaign is that he may actually win by running on a platform with no single policy specific; the danger of this strategy is that his policy response (or non-response) can be motivated by completely anonymous or less than transparent motives either way you’ll never know. Ironically, if you think about it, this pretty much describes the motives of most who voted for him which, to a thinking People, should be totally unacceptable.

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Bewildered Yet? Biden’s Obama Retreads:

Oh my, this is another one of those instances where it’s really painful to be right but then again, did anyone really expect the field to populate any differently?

Biden is doing absolutely nothing to belay the fears of the non-consenting Public’s justifiable concerns; already, from the cabinet announcements thus far, you are witnessing the preparatory fulfillment of everything you feared and those things you thought were conspiratorial pabulum that allowed you to believe the anti-Trump rhetoric.

What did you think he meant when he said he’d “…be the president for all Americans?” Seriously?

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Refuse Submission, Again:

History, and rational thought, tell us that when totalitarian regimes sense a loss of control its instinct and common practice is to tighten its grip, to attempt to squeeze the life out of opposition. It seems that those who will not view Man’s native goodness as a virtue have only one alternative perspective; that virtue and character are nothing more than a congenital weakness or defect. At the core of nearly ever conflict Man has with himself you will find this form of dissonant thought at play, further, if we consider that the only authority authority has is the credibility it receives from our willingness to submit or concede to its demands then we can also conclude that we also have the power to disable its influence by simply refusing to submit to it. Yes, it’s the same old battle; on one end the choices we make and the opposing and every present constant which nothing more than the consequence that follows.

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The Curing Qualities of Tension

As I observe the miscellaneous ramblings over recent election results I’ve been humored by one particularly interesting observation and troubled by another: First, there is the amazing number of media and political curds who are absolutely certain about topics they clearly no nothing about. One topic, in particularly, being the practice of “calling” an election outcome long before the vote counts are certified or before the presentation of the Electoral College to the U.S. Congress. For those who may be paying attention it’s most likely that they’ve already accepted the storyline meanwhile, for those who aren’t, don’t or won’t it likely doesn’t matter either way. The second, not so much an observation as it is an event or inquiry, has been the number of folks who’ve started their solicitation with something along the lines of the following: “Well, I’ll bet your just tickled pink with the outcome of the election! I know how much you loved Trump and despised President Elect Biden. But I think it’s good for the Nation to be, finally, headed in the right direction.” Hmmm! A great, too many assumptions being made in this rather dystopian presumption wrapped in rather adolescent tortilla attempting to appear urbane. At best it’s a didactic intrusion upon an otherwise rational mind but then this type of an assault is exactly what happens to a culture having surrendered to the proven ideocracy of illusion but then again, as I’ve said, who’s paying attention to the details.

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