About the Founder

Most notable for his acute Political & Economic Policy Analysis, Curtis Greco is also an Author and the Founder of The Imperfect Messenger Foundation. A provocative and engaging speaker whose range of topics include kinetic behavioral dynamics, socio-political, economic and corporal philosophies. Combining his commitment to life-long study, his formal education, 13 years in public accounting and 20 plus years in real estate portfolio management, development and finance he brings a broad and seasoned knowledge base in dynamic and captivating form. Examples of his topical range are as follows:

  • Socio-Political – “Founding Ideals In Exile”
  • Native Economics – “Globalization: A Recovery Strategy”
  • Banking & Finance – “The Currency of Illusion”
  • Corporal Philosophies – “The Laws of Freedom, the Science of Liberty”
  • “Kinetic Behavioral Dynamics – The Essential Compass”

His most recent work, the three volume series entitled “Blind Vision,” articulates a direct challenge to the political, judicial and economic demagogues’ of the day offering stirring insights and inventive strategies for revitalizing a nation.

On the merit of his work, here are just a few comments from key media, social and business leaders:

“Nobody does a better job than Curtis Greco of illustrating the power and the beauty of democracy.”  

   –Pat Williams, SVP Orlando’s Magic

“A simply brilliant performance.”

 –Denny Schaffer, Radio Host, WGKA, Atlanta

“Greco provides visionary solutions for the daunting challenges our nation is now facing. Americans need to join the conversation now to propagate badly needed, swift reforms.”

Austin Hill, Talk Show Host, Columnist

“Greco is the megaphone from which our founding fathers are screaming ‘please stop this madness’… Every American should read these books!” 

Todd Zaugg, Founder, Matrix Achievement Group


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