Advantage BREXIT

Markets will ripple and the stage will echo with predictions of chaos and the damage caused by the recalcitrant populists of the U.K., but the facts remain that there was a reason for why the Brits remained financially detached from the E.U. So why then profess imminent financial hardship unless of course there’s a planned and/or scheduled advantage.

The expansion of immigration finds its routes back to the days of Margaret Thatcher so is the push-back really a function of E.U. Migration Policy? Hardly. From its origins in post WWII Europe, with Treaty of Rome, to the creation of the European Common Market (1973), the unification of the whole of Europe has long been the ambition. Not unlike the U.S. where party distinction and the increasingly slick-mockeries of “hope & change”, the movement of once sovereign nations, further down the pike toward the mediocrity of global homogony continues.

Yes indeed there is a rise of populism across E.U. Member States which the Global Elite refer to as the “radical right”. However, like the “Patriot Movement”, which never managed to achieve a consolidated form of leadership, these ambitions are easily demonized, co-opted and their relevant significance retired into anonymity.

No, the advancement of dramatic policy change requires the existing system to be cannibalized from within. One can easily observe the process here in the U.S. and none more conspicuous than the striking similarities in the rise and ascension of the Bush Family, their Client Staffs which include, among the many, Bill & Hillary Clinton and lecherous Mitt Romney.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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