Brown & Carter – Going Dark; A Lesson in Leadership

First, let’s be clear that the argument over “race” is merely a political cover used to mask far more serious issues. Gone are the dynamic and unifying days of Rev. King. A force that sought to eliminate barriers based on color and infiltrate the phobic mantra with a far more enlightened score whose desire was to replace the filter of color with that of the “content” of one’s character; now that’s Leadership!
Replacing Rev. King is the Alinsky-era where race is used solely as a non-defensible strategy; a frontal assault if you will whose sole intent is to shut-down an opposing argument, perspective and/or solution regardless of the facts or prospects. In short, how does the Nation get past and beyond the “slavery” issue if the political advantages of the issue won’t allow for it?
Ironically, if the current trend holds, black-on-black (post the civil-rights era) crime will eclipse the number of slaves held in the U.S. (thru the 1860’s). With the aforementioned as a given we must expose how frequently leadership, particularly amount the self-anointed of color, advantage themselves at the expense of their own community and the greater cause which favors all people.
The battle being fought is not about race. It is over the rule of authority and who has it. It is the plight of the Common Ideal (the “greater cause”) and its diminished influence on/in the national compass of this nation’s leaders who, with devastating effect, have chosen to go dark on the subject.
We now have multi-generational cruelty and ambivalence regardless of color. True leadership never advances a position on the backs of the core; it seeks to lift the whole from the broadest of shoulders invigorated by a conspicuous love for the Ideal!
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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