Dialectic Mutation

There once was a mechanism for testing the validity of a theory/thesis; the tool was known as the Dialectic Process. Formalized by Socrates and known as the Socratic Method the vetting of an idea remained a component of the critical-thinking process; at least until the likes of Dietzgen, Engles and Marx crafted its evolutionary distortion.

Their ambition was to alter the process, a neo-mutation aimed at suspending the sovereign ideals of man, as a distinct and independent being. This done thru marginalizing the absolute of a moral code by erecting the notion of the transient collective whose ethos is changeable, self-defined and malleable so as to reflect the social impulse in-play at any time.

The transformation of the independent-minded spirit of man to nothing more than an impulse-driven organism whose very existence is forever tethered, as to every facet of existence, to the collective’s transient ambition. Accepting ones role in a process either serves to accelerate its implementation or its defeat; which method one applies in vetting the process is far more critical.

Think as you choose then live with your choice. Remember: There are no grey areas, only the rationing of the spongy-minded who continue the query until such time as a notion appears which suits their impulse. Absolutes are horribly inconvenient.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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