GM & the Value of Corrupt

Viability-of-action is the driving force behind the most contentious events of the day. Primarily a measure of efficacy, for both political and corporate actions, the ideal is no longer bound to the simplicity of simply doing what is right but one that is a narrative of individual survivability and it doesn’t even begin to end there. Yes, we now enumerate and preserve the policy by encapsulating it within the law which serves to indemnify those who are most responsible so as to assure that regardless of their actions or culpability they remain viable.

Where GM is concerned it’s certainly not about the expense of corrective action; in terms of practical costs we’re talking in terms of the infinitesimal. The actual process was and remains a Viability-of-Action policy where viability is measured in terms of whether the cost associated with liability can specifically be traced to a failed ignition versus whether the gods will provide a substitute crisis unrelated to the product that will mask and thus make Viable their having taken no Action at all.

In the political arena it appears in this way: Tell them whatever you want as it is highly unlikely you’ll ever be burdened with the truth. It is more often the case that it is not the organizational structure that is corrupt but that the organization is populated by the corrupt. Accepting this foundational reference then does it not seem that the cure is actually quite simple? If the ambition is to end the culture of corruption then you must hold the individually corrupt responsible otherwise the exercise is futile.

In GM’s case we need only to work from the top and head down-stream targeting those individuals who had knowledge and failed to act and this is the function for the courts and not the political circus. If we were serious about the issue, if the value of life is truly our sacred conviction, and we’re willing to remove the protection of the corporate (or political) veil then these over-fed wunderkind would lose their personal wealth/grotesque comp-packages and spend a minimum of 5 years in an orange jump-suit weeding the perimeter of the Jefferson Memorial. If this were to occur, trust me, word would get around and the mood and concept of viability will take a sudden shift.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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