Nice; The Danger of Concealing Indecision

Why not tell the Public what you don’t want them to hear? Political-Ideologists are message- centered using the politicized bureaucracy (party hacks, media and social-economic discord) to manage and maintain their power. They are not strategic thinkers despite what you might think however, they are strategic opportunists.

Whether a terror attack occurs in the U.S. or somewhere else their classic response is as carefully crafted as it is inept. Here in the U.S. the immediate response is the anti-gun brief. It packages and sells well, unfortunately, as the attack in Nice, France proves it’s a perfectly idiotic notion. The other argument trends toward a justification of greater invasion of privacy witnessed by Hillary Clinton’s response; “we need an intelligence surge” which should make one wonder; why is it we learn what the “need” or proposed solution is only after the damage has been done? Given the extreme nature of the threat these after-the-fact notions are as purely mindless as they are intolerable.

The People in both the U.S. and France are quickly discovering a very serious form of concealment; the micro-managing of the global jihad-threat has made what should have been a solvable problem into a deadly crisis. The Political-Ideologist are on their heels and for a very good reason; they’re far more concerned about you being informed than they are about the actual threat. Let me put it another way; they’re more fearful of an informed public and what they will do, than they are about the danger they’ve brought to your front door. Obama, like Hollande, have made a calculated gamble; if we understate the problem to the People they’ll believe in our ignorance. 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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