President Obama’s U.N.nification

Clearly vested in the homogony of his own illusions the President continues his contorted reverence for deprecating dialogue. He continues, in desperation, an attempt to align and expand his following by attempting to distinguish himself apart from the very trail of chaos his ignorance and ambivalence fosters.

Does he take the opportunity to coalesce U.N. support for endorsing U.S. Military Action in Syria/Iraq? Does he call-out the rabid violations of basic human rights by Islamist Extremists? Does he invite consensus for dealing with the spread of nuclear war-making technologies?

NO! Unfortunately the U.S. President believes his rhetoric is so compelling that none will find it the vulgar and mindless ramblings of a certified narcissist. All the while feeding the hawkish apparatus the very war-of-consolidation it so desperately needs.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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