Sadim vs Midas Touch

June 1, 2009

Nothing like a good semordnilap to set one straight! Always looking for a new and invigorating way to describe the unexplainable,  I was toying with the word Midas (you know the Ancient Greek known for his skill at turning anything he touched to gold) looking for a unique way to describe the opposite.  I toyed with “Mudus Touch” (turn to mud), “Mitus Touch” (as in dust mites) and so on but then I discovered a word, semordnilap which is palindromes spelled backwards, I had an idea!  How perfect is that? 

“The Sadim Touch”,  everything Sadim touches, it turns to chaos! 

We,  well, at least I find myself in a world that has changed (Yes, Changed) so drastically in the last 20 years that by the time I realized just how true this statement was,  it was starting along its own course of redefining what “change” actually means!  

Change, in its new form, has been changed to me not change as in convert, alter or emerge but simply,  but to take what already “is” and then call “it” something that it’s not! 

Here are a few examples: 

Democracy: Taking from the non-consenting governed, inalienable rights such that they are prevented from expressing their inalienable rights. 

Pro-Choice: Taking the life of one, who by nature of their age is incapable of defending their own life, by another who is defined, by law, as having the right to do so. 

Medicaid/Medicare: The taking of good and faithfully earned value accumulated by one to provide and or subsidize the care of 8.5 other people, of a select group, who though financially capable of attending to their own care, prefers not to. 

National Health Care: The taking of good and faithfully earned value accumulated by those who remain, to provide and or subsidize the care of 300 Million people, less 15%, such that the formerly salvageable health care system no longer exist and neither will the segment of the population heretofore known as those who had once “good and faithfully earned value.” 

Social Security: A curious system that conscripts the good and faithfully eared value accumulated by the few remaining who may have value worth conscripting and redirect it to God knows where, to or for purposes that no one knows, but which is still promised to be paid at a rate, averaging (at the moment) 50 times the contributed value, for an unspecified duration and unlimited potential future program benefits yet to be described. 

Government Economic Stimulus: Spending money from an unidentifiable source, by an entity that has no knowledge of fundamental business practices or practical economics, on programs or to beneficiaries which require no accounting for its use or generate economic value nor have an obligation to do so.  All of which, none the less, then becomes the financial burden of The People. 

Job Creation: The art of counting jobs as being created which must first be identified as those having no fundamental productive purpose or value and which should have otherwise been eliminated but were not.  Actual job creation is non-existent as there is no remaining non-governmental related entity which can afford to create jobs in an environment void of financial reward. 

Equal Opportunity: Discriminating against the discriminating conscientious so that there is no longer anyone who knows the difference. All of which results in an entirely new ethos as now there’s no longer any functional opportunity (as defined by the Government). 

Government Quota:  The apportionment of all things of value to abject poverty of conscience (Government) who then redistributes what remains of value to those with no conscience or concept of value. 

Federal Reserve Bank: A non-Government Agency acting completely independent of the Government with the ability to unilaterally act as an “Agent of the U.S. Government” with no oversight whatsoever performing or engaging in actions or functions as directed by Interests known only to this entity. 

Financial Markets:  An entity, conglomerate or loosely defined and/or formed series of once functional financial conduits or value added intermediaries, now indefinable, unregulated, unstructured which engage in any/all forms and functions of extreme financial speculation as there is no longer value it can,  it knows of or is willing to add! 

SEC: No one really knows save for those who know how to affect a beneficial result. 

HUD: No one really knows nor cares to know what this agency actually does and what if any value generating purpose it serves. 

Enough!  Sarcasm in the form of a parody can be entertaining however, this is not comedic at all, in its most barren and naked form, this exercise demonstrates just how far off the ranch we’ve actually gone. 

But let’s be fair!  We’re entitled!  Each and every one! 

“‘Gentle’ says the clay to the potter, ‘in your hands lay both my form and the form of my future!  Kindly, gently and with inspired action, please!’” 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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