Staging a Ruse

I’ve spent decades in the trough of analytics, absorbing (or as I refer to it as “sponging”) data looking for trends and patterns but mostly I learned to look not just for the anomalies that are obvious but for those that telegraph a calculated intent. Calculated intent is most conspicuous and most effective when it is shaped within a condition or circumstance that possess a implicit self-defense, the type that when challenged automatically repels the element of common sense, the seemingly inconceivable. The “lone fanatic” claim telegraphs a calculated intent, a purposeful simulation that when challenged make the challenger appear to be an absolute fool and instantaneously shuts down rational and justifiable suspicions. How effective is it? Well, think of the people who still believe that JFK, RFK and MLK were the victims of a crazed lunatic.

Why does the staging of an external threat, to the goings on in DC this Wednesday, seem questionable? Why, despite FBI reports that there is no detectable threat, that after the thorough analysis of Trumps Speech-on-the-mall detected no element of incitement but in fact specifically assert “calm and peaceful” instructions, that is now proven that Pelosi rejected the advice and resource of both the Capital and DC Police and despite all this the horrors of humanity still elected to execute a rush to judgment?

Yes, of course it seems irrational, yes, I’m certain that there will be those who will read this summation and conclude that I’m a full-load conspiratorial freak of nature and that is their right of course however, my record for analytical acuity is well known despite the irrational tendencies of those who prefer synthetic truths.

Whatever the corner One occupies there is one undeniable truth: He who’s first to control the narrative controls the medium. The reason for this truth is that once the “medium” (Media or any corridor thru which a crafted message is disseminated) bites the bait of the Messenger their tied to the outcome and thus can never be seen to be defective and it is for this reason you rarely (EVER) see a media outlet reverse its message. Case in point: Have you ever heard or seen any media outlet reverse their reporting that claimed the Trump was a bagman for Putin? Not on your life!

The Staging of the Ruse-on-Washington is so obvious, it’s right in front of you of course, because it was necessary and because it fit the narrative and yet the epitaph requires one last addition: To allow inaugural attendance would have exposes a major truth that could never be allowed to be witnessed which is that attendance would have been scant to none. How do we know this? Because the polls now show what most reasonable people already presumed which is that the incoming administration polls at historically low numbers not just across the board but among registered Democrats as well. I’ve seen numbers as low as nineteen percent.

Yes you can stage any event you choose so long no one attends who might challenge the illusion.

And yes, I do believe there is at least one reason to watch the Inauguration and that is to see if Beijing-Joe can follow the teleprompter all the way thru the Oath of Office.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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