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Money Well Spent | War on Poverty:

For years I’ve studied and analyzed monetary/economic data both from the point of view of evolving/developing policy or strategic analysis and here is what I know; there are always tracers, origins of cause, in-the-numbers. The most important “tracer”, the most conspicuous component, discovered from decades of work is this one simple fact: When Government meddles, whether on its own volition or on behalf of a vested interest, in any component of Free-Market Economics the effects are devastating. It should be remembered that Capitalism is what becomes of Free-Market Economics post Government Intervention; in other words, Capitalism is the mechanism for protecting Interests who fear or oppose Free-Market Competition.
There are great wealth-opportunities in Government Driven Influence and the key road-to-reward is and will always be in Government Enforced Entitlement Programs and for one good reason: There is no accountability for success-in-outcome or failure-in-effect.  I found the following article, The War on Poverty Has Been a Colossal Flop – by Robert Rector, a fascinating parallel to my own observations and I believe it is worth the read.
Curtis C. Greco, Founder
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