The Disorder of a Circular Firing Squad (Wu-V19) – Follow the Money!

Only when those who rule loose the protection of the People’s self-imposed ignorance will they lose the cover the currently protects them.

What is presently described as a global pandemic, ostensibly associated with bat guano, is indeed viral but not of the type often studied or consider to be of an infectious disease/pathogen. No, the true pandemic presently waging war against the People of this planet is far more serious, far more dangerous and principally so as this particular pandemic is working to end a uniquely human condition, the distinctly human capacity known as discernment.

The Public is being led to believe not only facts which aren’t in evidence, they’re being conditioned to tolerate the errors of the erroneous projections and in doing so the Public is surrendering their singular defense against tyranny: the capacity of thoughtful discrimination, the ability to apply the most basic tenants of critical thinking.

Regular followers of my writings will, I trust, affirm that I am no bag-man for the Politically Elite or their turgid ramblings; to me they are all safe targets for surgical poaching. Yes, politicians have their purposes but they must always be kept on a short leash simply because the nature of the political arena is such that the temptations for self-enrichment are as pervasive as air and as intoxicating as any of the most forbidden of fruits.

We’ve analyzed the histories and affiliations of those at the forefront of the Corona Task Force as well as those behind them the conclusion of which leaves me with, undeniably, the affirmation of my original supposition which I will compress into the following points:

1. It is true that Wu-V19 is its own type/category of Corona Virus.
2. Yes, I use the “Wu-V19” designation, which I formed, simply because I expected that as more and more information developed media outlets would target the generally accepted term and then use their algorithms for blocking or otherwise restrict publishing/discussion of any type not sanctioned by the jack-booted-thugery pushing the preferred narrative and as expected this exactly what is occurring.
3. It is also true that Big Pharma and large monied interests are pushing-back (very hard) against Trumps “America First” agenda and for several reasons: (a) An informed and prosperous Public is impossible to control. (b) Without control of the Public the Political Class becomes vulnerable and less reliable for those who wish to use their influences for arm themselves with the Power at the disposal of those who control government. One doesn’t have to be a Trump supporter to understand that the success of his policies is cutting, heavily, into the global order.
4. The most efficient way to control the Public is to create dependency; you create dependency through deprivation; you leverage deprivation through applications of tensions (psychological) and this is done by manufacturing threats (fears).
5. If the Wu-V19 was truly a pandemic threat then immediately Testing would have commenced both to determine the extent of the virus’s penetration into the general population, to gauge the expansion/development of antibodies and finally to measure the number of deaths specifically attributed to the virus they are tracking. NONE of these testing’s have been conducted and my informed belief is that it is for the following two (primary) reasons: (a) This type of testing would result in documenting that Wu-V19 is no greater a threat than any of the previous versions. (b) That it is entirely possible that these tests would strongly suggest that those who are most vulnerable to Wu-V19 have one critical attribute in common and if made aware of this fact would infuriate the public and show the chronic and pathological levels of corruption that exists between Big Pharma, Governments around the globe, US Government Depts. of all types (FDA, CDC etc) which is this: The vast majority have received earlier versions of Vaccines that have only served to weaken their immune systems.

It may seem an exercise in the absurd to suggest that there exists influences that would wage so recklessly and distinctly savage an agenda against an unsuspecting and largely defenseless Public and yet I would say that it is precisely because the Public is unsuspecting that they become defenseless and thus so easily manipulated. It is also the case that the frequency of these assaults has accelerated because the public has been fractured, fatigued and disoriented as a result of the punishing influences of crowd-control strategies even though they are largely unaware that these strategies are quite operational.

I urge, strongly, that you take the time and watch the interview of a renowned virologist, Dr. Judy Mikovits, for the breadth of information and the level of acuity you will find nowhere else; we have researched the content of the piece and find no single hole in her claims. Should you find her positions convincing then I suggest you pass the link along to others. President Trump has been remarkable in his willingness to throw himself into the fire and fight back the pyromaniacs that continue their efforts to end his presidency and resume their melding of the American Republic into the cistern of global dystopia and it is for this reason I believe it is time for the American People to rise and come to the defense of their Liberties and this President.

It is abundantly clear that opponents of the current administration enjoy the temptations associated with moral equivalencies particularly as a tool for severing one’s link between conscience and intellect however no matter the appearance of fashionability the fact remains that we’re all passengers on the very same ship and their perceived privileges will not immunize them from the certainty of predictable consequence.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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