Trade Adjustment Assistance Program – A Prelude to Disaster

The TAAP has seen little media coverage; surprised? As if no greater indicator of the devastating effects expected with the passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership (and giving the President Fast Track Authority) were required, concerned Americans should (still) consider this: The TAAP is a Bill that would provide aid to people/workers displaced by trade deals.

Congress has long established a pattern of passing legislation to mask the damage done by their prior efforts and this bill is no different and yet, at the same time, it is far worse. In this instance it is an open display of ignorance considering that they have crafted a bill that by doing so openly admits that trade agreements are precisely what we’ve claimed them to be; devastating to the American economic engine. Predatory as to their favorability for multi-nationals and key to the disabling of the American households economic health & capacity.

Yes, by all means, this is a victory for alert and concerned Americans rebelling against the cost of government induced dependency however, the TPP Fast Track Authority Legislation is still in line for a House vote and it is not yet clear that it will receive a similar death blow. Call your Congressperson and let them know what you expect; a NO VOTE on TPP Fast Track Authority!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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