Trade Authority; Stealth Deceptions from Within!

Senate Republicans, and (it appears) House Republicans are expected to follow suit, have demonstrated that the only event to occur with a greater speed than their oath of office is their ability to violate it! Senate Republicans have tendered their willingness to surrender Congressional Authority to the Executive Branch (on its own an act that violates the constitutional principal known as “separation of powers”).

Hidden within this massive form of whoresmanship identified simply as TPA (Trade Promotion Authority, a.k.a. “Fast Track”) are a series of trade or trade related agreements that are malignant as to U.S. economic sovereignty and deliberately designed to defeat the U.S. Constitutional process. You should know them by name: TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance), TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) and TiSA (Trade in Service Agreement) each of which are integral to the consolidation of control over global property, product, resource, legal, economic, financial and ultimately the flow and expression of human ambitions.

Passage, by Congress, of TPA (which requires concurrent passage of TAA) gives the Executive Branch complete authority to negotiate ALL of these agreements each of which require complete surrender of Constitutional Sovereignty to an off-shore Commission who will have the authority to force suspension of any law that conflicts with the ever-changing construct the “Commission”  is charged to enforce.

Given the Presidents long stated agenda to dramatically transform the nation and understanding what he’s accomplished thus far, with or without the assistance of Congress, his open defiance of existing law and the representative process once armed with so broad a domain of authority, what then are his limits?

The fact that Congress is actually willing to further and expand the damage done by the WTO, GATT, NAFTA & CAFTA Treaties illustrates that there are no limits to the boundaries of unconscionability! It’s now in the hands of the House and I strongly urge you to take a few moments and call your Representatives and let them know you expect them to turn back this threatening tide.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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