A Farewell Address

I’ve never met President Obama, I don’t know – with any great precision – the true composition of his mind, his intellectual capability or the depth of his character. His history is only that which has been made known and what we are left with is the legacy of the footprints he leaves behind.

Here’s what I do know: I’ve been to the White House twice and have consulted or contributed on/to numerous policy objectives as far back as the Reagan Administration and I can, at least from my perspective, tell you that at the Executive and Legislative levels of national government the environment trends toward the immovable. Orchestrating a positive outcome requires near inexhaustible levels of tenacity driven by the clarity of immovable character and fearless leadership, the type of Leadership that looks beyond the obstacles and with inspired will compels others to make the same journey.

Yes, it is true that I didn’t vote for Barrack H. Obama however, I never withheld my support and prayer for a success common to all; he was, and for the few days that remain of his term, our President and deserved no less. It’s most unfortunate that his vision was incompatible with the Country’s promise or were his leadership skills equal to his intoxicating ability to deliver, from the screen of a teleprompter, a truly soaring message.

A promising future is only, ever, built from an inspired vision, one drawn from the pool of common ideals and sufficiently focused to both inspire and compel unity of purpose and the discipline of conviction. One can never inspire and compel unity of purpose and the discipline of conviction from the fulcrum of division unless of course you do it with aid of a gun.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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