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A Farewell Address

I’ve never met President Obama, I don’t know – with any great precision – the true composition of his mind, his intellectual capability or the depth of his character. His history is only that which has been made known and what we are left with is the legacy of the footprints he leaves behind.

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Alt-Right vs. Alt-Left

As the off-gassing over Mrs. Clinton’s loss continues, the Alt-Left Media Complex finds itself with a point of entry and a relevance-identity problem. Not beholden to the ALMC and devoutly media savvy, the Trump Administration, I anticipate, will soon introduce an entirely new approach to media management. One that is Public-direct and Policy-Agenda driven and directly aimed at filling the void and countering the courtesan-like bias of the Counter-Culture Media catheter now divorced from the rigors of investigative reporting and fact-based journalism.

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Israel’s Exposure to a Lame Duck President

There’s no mistaking the fact that a solution for the Palestinian/Israelites continues to be unachievable. U.S. Policy has long been on the side of a two-state solution – one that is created by the mutual consent and agreement of both parties – as opposed to a scheme that is crafted and enforced by external interests.

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Obama; the Character of No Character

Americans have become accustomed to the President’s adolescent school-yard intellect however, he’s reached a new low. This past Tuesday the U.S. President, making a public appearance – on the south lawn of the White House – with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore, again referred to Trump as “unfit” for the office.

With an overwhelming sense of decorum, on par with that of Attila-the-Hun and a near eight year legacy of “fitness” akin to nude sunbathing on planet Mercury, the President again breaches the etiquette of his office displaying irreverence for his own Country before the world press.

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President Felon; a Trail of Demons

Short story is this: Comey’s first priority is to protect the FBI and to do so he took a skin-tight view of the “referral” from the I.G. for fear of being blasted as a political stooge, from either side. One remarkable thing that Comey did was to be sure there were sufficient table-scraps remaining with the hope that Congress or some other Body or Agency would pick up Clinton’s trail-of-demons.  Alas making it nearly impossible for the Justice Dept. to bury the lead; Lord knows there is no shortage of them.

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