Biden’s “Killer” Talent for Failure

While few, with any level of discriminating thought, linger with any doubt that Biden is completely void of functional capacity, he is with ever increasing frequency proving himself to be both a national security risk and a supreme danger to the civilized world.

Biden’s pre-taped ABC interview, which aired Wednesday evening (3/17/21), showed the world that the U.S. Ship of State is without ballast; its Domestic Agenda as well as its Foreign Policy Apparatus is utterly without fortitude, form or function. Biden’s attempted bare chested blow toward Putin, referring to him as a “killer”, is adolescent at best, feeble in full dress and, far more importantly, ferociously dangerous. Why dangerous? For starters, try the following:

  • Putin knows that Russia’s no economic challenge for China, true, but he also knows that the U.S. under Biden, will be smothered by Xi Jinping and he’s all puckered up with the advantage this offers Russia in the Ukraine, the Balkans and in key areas of the Middle East (Syria, Iraq and Iran).
  • Biden’s attack on fossil fuels not only directly harms Americans it infuses Russian and Iranian State-owned energy industries with a much-needed stream of cash.
  • Biden, and his handlers, release of the taped broadcast exposed to the world just how vulnerable and easily penetrable, and thus corrupted and corruptible, the U.S. is.

What’s to gain from compelling Russia to withdrawal their Ambassador from the U.S.? Don’t just pay it lip-service to the question, NO, set aside your investment in the façade of politicisms and think it thru. The answer is quite simple: The only gain in such stupidity is the effect of adverse-displacement; not only is the consequence severe, the road back is now off-set by the effect of one’s loss multiplied by your adversaries gain. Biden-Harris, the entire Executive Branch including Appointees, Nominees, Joint Chiefs and so on are replete with not only individual incompetence they are equally accompanied with/by institutional incompetence as well.

Effectiveness, in Foreign Policy and particularly for the U.S., requires a type of posture that allows one not only to avoid back-alley brawls or feckless swats at pitches-in-the-dirt and far more than simply holding to a moral high ground; it’s the type of prestige that has the rest of the world watching and waiting to observe your position and when they do, with relief and without question, they gladly stand with you. This type of presence allows your adversary to know, in an instant, that they are standing on perilously unstable ground. Under Biden-Harris, not unlike Obama-Biden, the U.S. has surrendered, completely, this advantage. Period!

Now then, to what end or for what purpose would Biden expose himself in this manner? To whom or what faction should we conclude that this sorely and sadly diminished soul might be appealing? For what purpose, pleasure or pimp it may be it matters not for the simple reason that the effect on this Country, and it’s people, are all that matters. China, with the aid of Russia, will play the Biden/Harris card to their advantage and its only just begun. Never before, in U.S. History, has this Nation looked so weak and vulnerable.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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