Biden’s Blinken & Sullivan Blunder in Anchorage

Trump’s foreign policy success was anchored to a critically important understanding:

  • The world had grown tired of the U.S. living-off its post WWII prominence.  And,
  • Political subversion had consumed the U.S. Government creating a festering sewer were dubious Ideologues with no talent for or understanding of this Nation’s true power worked to poison and ultimately dismantle the advantages that occur when virtue is paired with intellect and the stature of formidability that follows.

Trump worked to build a team determined to restore U.S. posture and in a very short time the effort was proving to be remarkably successful. In time the Bush thru the Biden-Harris era will provide a perspective that will mature an historical view that will only further prove, by contrast, just how acutely sound Trump’s policies were.

China’s thirst for dominance is as natural a part of any nation’s desire to emerge from an impoverished state; the difference with China is that they’ve no regiment of thought tethered to an ideal that remotely approximates “the golden rule.” Further, it is critical to immerse oneself with the understanding that the Chicom’s operate within and about an order of thought that is quite methodical and brusquely rapacious, a format that would be quite foreign and seemingly bordering the depraved to any one of a non-secular culture. This ancient social order finds it laughable that there is such a thing as “rules of engagement” or such as thing as “fair competition” or a thing such as a “mutual accord” any of which, to the Chicom culture is only applicable so long as it maintains either an advantage or suspends a direct threat otherwise these concepts register at the level far below that of a suggestion, they’re received as a sign of weakness.

The Chicoms regard one posture and one posture only and that is this: Blunt Force Trauma. Here’s an example: Did you know the Chinese were among the first to use biological warfare to their advantage, it was quite common for the Chinese & Mongols to lob infected tissues (infected with the plague, typhoid or even leprosy) of their dead combatant into the ranks of their adversaries. When the plan is determined, for the Chinese, the method is irrelevant and Biden-Harris, including the misfits that surround them (and frankly, most American’s) are not equipped, not at all, to address this kind of disciplined force.

Non-the-less, Biden’s Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, and his National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan, plunged brainlessly forward into the policy abyss long favored by the likes of Bush/Clinton/Obama Administrations and came out the other end of their meeting with the Chinese Delegation looking arrogant, ignorant and disoriented. The U.S. has financed China’s economic ascension, not only taught the Chicoms how to print currency but invited them into the IMF facility that transacts in worthless paper currency, has schooled the Chinese in mostly every advanced level of sciences and technology and then provided access to nearly every one of its advancements/achievements and by doing so has compressed 245 years’ worth of developmental effort into a mere thirty-year period. Alas, “said the spider to the fly.”

The outcome of this magnificent blunder has done the obvious and predictable serving only to endorse China’s presumption which is this: That despite the hiatus brought about by the Trump Administration, the Biden-Harris Administration has resumed the shifting of the global balance of power in favor of China.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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