China Warns U.S.

As promised and as expected China’s actively chambering rounds targeted at the U.S. and with no intention of backing off, and why should they. What weapon does Biden use to challenge the belligerence of the Chicons?

Does Biden urge Congress to sanction any further U.S. Corporate Investment in China? Does Biden block Chicom Shell-Corps from using U.S. Financial Markets to drain domestic investment and redirect it into Chicom Venture? Does Biden move to incentivize U.S. Corporations to repatriate their technological advancements strictly to U.S.-Based Production? Does Biden do anything to signal to the World Community that the U.S. is no longer going to turn its’ back on the American Public and work to re-cast a sovereign U.S. Economic footprint? NO, he does none of these or anything approaching a formidable, thoughtful and deliberate stance. What he does by doing nothing is the worst possible: He signals retreat.

Let us consider the latest example of a Beijing-Joe directed response: His State Department leaks a threat aimed at telegraphing that the U.S. is considering boycotting the next Winter Olympics scheduled to be held (Winter 2022) in China. When the Chinese picked-up on this dubious and deeply week-kneed posturing they issued the following: “The politicization of sports will damage the spirit of the Olympic Charter and the interests of athletes from all countries,” said the spokesperson, Zhao Lijian. “The international community including the U.S. Olympic Committee will not accept it” and that the U.S. should expect an unspecified and “robust Chinese response.” Gee wiz folks, that oughta freeze the sphincters’ of nearly every member of the Chicom Politburo! ‘Ya think?

What is equally of interest is that it also appears that the Biden Administration is reconsidering the frequency of FONOP (Freedom of Navigation Operation) in the South China Sea. A reduction in the frequency of the U.S. Navy announcements specifically regarding scheduled operation, the lack of activity in support (logistical) operation and expressions of concern from both Taiwan and Japanese Officials would suggest that Biden is succumbing to Chinese pressures to throttle-back the Trump administrations hardline policies toward China.

Of course, not unlike the Bush, Clinton and Obama Administrations each of which had significant financial interests in the Persian Gulf and in the Pacific Rim (including China) their concept of U.S. Economic and Financial Security has nothing to do with the American People and everything to do with protecting their Friends and Family Financial standing.

While the above comments may seem to be mere annoyances or the treatise of conspiratorial hounds nonetheless I remain unable to silence my thoughts on the importance of not losing focus on this important point which is that while granting government “power of the purse” liberates is most punishing it is far more dangerous when you consider that when you combine this with the power to wage war (which includes the power to send your children off to die for untold benefit’s none of which they will every benefit from or in many cases be able to object to) I trust that you will understand that it is high time that the American People put away their adolescent and self-indulgent leniencies and start thinking about the real costs associated with indifference.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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