Professional Sports- The Irredeemable!

Professional Sports are, without question, a Federal, State & Taxpayer Subsidized Trust Fund directed at inebriating the conscionable adequacies of the American Public. Their stand on Social Matters, manufactured or otherwise, is provided a publicly subsidized venue for the open display of the dysfunctional fairy-tail promulgated from within this structured form of sanctioned degradation. I urge Americans to refuse being patronized by these misfits. I urge every American to openly and conspicuously boycott these ego-centric misanthropic toads.

I will take the NBA serious only when they pull the Chicago Bulls out of Chicago or the Knicks out of New York, the NFL when they pull the Bears out of Chicago or the Ravens out of Baltimore and I might even offer an insignificant nod to the MLB but only if they pull the Dodgers out of LA, the Cubs and the White Sox out of Chicago. They won’t of course but then this isn’t or has it every been about addressing issues of race.

I believe it the height of irony that the peasant intellects that are the owners and the management of this triumvirate of pure paganism who have sold off the allegiance of the American Public to the Chicoms, an entire Nation run by an organism that bleads off the lives of its own people (and those it subjugates) in support of its autocratic rule, should act in a manner whose single purpose is to shame the American Public into submission.

Irony? Hubris? Hypocritic? Where are the Professional Players allegiance to fans who pay their salary? Every wonder how much money, from the Chicoms, filtered its way to the accounts and interests of Lebron James? Their deference to the Chicoms is deafening while their indifference to the false-flag intemperance of their hubris is met with absolute silence. Look, if you choose to confess or profess a personal conviction by all means speak brilliantly, passionately and with tireless devotion but you’ve no right to use my lawn to post your epithets or use my pockets or resources to pay for it.

Like the Federal and State Governments, these misfits get away with these abuses precisely because the American Public allows it. Take A STAND by refusing to participate, refusing to allow your silence to appear as an endorsement and refuse to submit to this absurd, abrasive and abusive display of untethered fanaticism.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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