Civil War; here’s your “Hope & Change!”

Subversion is the poison. The tool of the derelict mind that has, by their thinking, disenfranchised themselves. This mechanism of thought lies at the heart of the fascist mind of collectivist thought, predatory, divisive, narcissistic and decidedly contrary to the sovereign rights of the Individual; it’s neither “left” nor “right.” 

How poignant that the chaos occurring around the Country should come at a time of critical comparative relevance illustrating just how this “poison” has penetrated the system. I speak specifically to the manner in which Hillary Clinton is addressed. How distinctly different the Law is applies to the self-anointed elite in this Country and the subsequent fissure it creates.

The moment you create the distinction of race, the distinction of sex or the distinction of class, all of these as a tool of division, you immediately dissolve reverence for the very rules which are the underpinning of any form of Ideal whether it be to the U.S. Constitution, a Doctrine of Faith or the Equity intended to be preserved by The Law.

This is what the likes of Bush, Clinton and most assertively, Obama have entitled themselves to affect and without question. By the mere fact that there is a separate set of standards applicable to Hillary (than everyone else) is the moment that “everyone else” becomes suspicious or contemptuous of the order enforced upon them versus what, if anything, applies to the Elite.

The notion that gives rise to the likes of Black Lives Matters, Women’s Reproductive Rights, Race Immigration, Economic and Social Class warfare and Sexual Orientation Rights is utter nonsense and wholly irrelevant however decidedly valuable to an order of fascist thinking that thrives on the illusion of the false premise simulating reality.  Think of it; do you really accept that if Black Lives Matter nothing matters more or that everyone else matters less? Really!

This frivolous bile is contemptible and most certainly will not bring the People closer to their Destiny. Yet I am completely considerate of the present reality that we, as a nation, are at a critical point and not because of the present chaos but more so because the American Public is completely ill-equipped to think its way thru the fog of division and miss-messaging and for one very good reason; They have lost track of a critically key attribute. Reverence, reverence for the Ideal which has since been replaced by one magnificent simulation promulgated by a well-scripted Fascist Regime that wants you divided on and into manageable blocks. Of course their plan can’t possibly work, but that doesn’t mean they won’t continue their scaring effort. Look at human history and the upheaval around the world, the march toward detachment from totalitarian rule, continues predictably forward. 

The challenge, here in the U.S., is whether or not the American Public will institute the recapture of sound reverence by using the system against itself or will it become an armed confrontation? Will the People rise up by refusing to participate in a corrupt system, by refusing to pay their way further into the global order of enslavement or will they continue to accept that the system can be saved by further adapting to an expansion of the present illusion?

Here’s what I know with absolute certainty: Subservience IS NOT YOUR DESTINY, it is completely antithetical to the promise made the instant you were given over from the lake of darkness to the eternal realm of light. You are each distinct in all the universe and you matter, you matter immensely!  Now go forward and Act as if you believe it until you discover that it is absolutely so! 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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