Consensus of Abnormality

Many centuries ago there lived a philosopher by the name of Epictetus, he stated that appearances are of four kinds:


  • Either are as they appear to be.
  • They neither are or do they appear to be.
  • They are and yet do not appear to be. Or,
  • They are not at all and yet appear to be!

Those who’ve brought about, supported the bringing about of, have supported the bringing about of but now are concealing themselves from the chaos they refuse to acknowledge being responsible for you should be pleased with your accomplishment; your votes destructive capacity is having the immediate and destructive effect you were warned would come with the election of Biden and, sadly, it’s only just getting started. The hardships your actions have caused are comprehensive, expanding and likely, for many, will be catastrophic.

  • Yes, Biden/Harris is exactly as he/she appear to be.
  • Nothing of what is and was planned (by Biden/Harris Handlers) was ever presented to the American Voters.
  • They are the full manifestation of the classic “Manchurian Candidate” and yet do not (fully) appear to be. And yes,
  • Biden/Harris are not at all what you so desperately told yourself they must be; the fact that they’ve been so well managed is no excuse.

The Consensus of Abnormality is becoming quite the routine and sadly, its trace protocol, the Psychology of the Horde, works so mysteriously well and is proving itself so unfortunately predictable.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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