Could Trump be Advance-Planning His Departure?

One of the privileges of bold and brazen personalities is that one comes to expect them to be, well, bold and brazen. Making wild and lavish prognostications is what they do. You might even say this matrix is their brand, their marketing cue card. If they succeed then of course the sentiment is explained as expected; who else but so-n-so could pull-off such a thing. On the other hand if they fail its then we can easily pass it off as being unreasonable to have expected, given the strenuous and extreme nature of the challenge, that anyone could have succeeded.

Recently, it was reported that Trumps former communications director of his now-defunct Super-PAC, Stephanie Cegielski, that Donald “really” wanted his position to be merely as a “protest” candidate and that he never expected to be the Republican nominee much less president. A respectable second-place finish would be more than adequate. Whether now under the influence of his massive ego (driving him forward) or the fact that his scheme has run head-long into what has long been a deeply political and divisively-detached sewer of opportunists, his messaging has clearly exposed the systemic weakness of the political system and given an outlet for the public’s contempt for it.

Whether you like Trump or you’ve utter contempt for him, it has been TIMF’s position that, as a tool for upending the infrastructure of the two-party system and for Americans hoping to preserve their constitutional republic, his intervention has been a gift. After all, who can deny the unmistakable fact that both Parties have grotesquely underperformed and underserved the American people.

With all this in mind one then might ask; where does Trump go from here? His positions and various commentaries are successfully being claimed to be offensive, racists, misogynistic, sour and ignorant, which only goes to prove how easily the public focus can be altered by well-crafted and deliberate miss-messaging media-driven hype. If one were to review the historic political campaigns/battles of Jefferson vs. Adams, Jackson vs. J.Q. Adams, Lincoln vs. Douglas/Breckenridge, Eisenhower vs. Stevenson or Bush vs. Gore, I believe you will discover that Trump is actually quite civil by comparison.

The GOP/RNC, by the manic nature of their counter-assault (on Trump), has actually elevated Trump and his effect on their order. Regardless of whether he becomes the nominee or not he has exposed the political-cancer and its pervasive influences. Can Trump walk-off the political stage and be un-affected by his doing so? Can he self-vindicate by crafting victim-of-the-sadist-GOP status? Could Trump be using his twitter-vice as a tool for distancing himself from becoming the Nominee? Time will tell and yet the primary issue will (still) remain: In the face of a political system, clearly adverse to the best interests of the people it is intended to serve, how do you merge the individual ambitions of a people when they refuse to recognize and pursue their common interests?

It will never be the Foundation’s position that success, on this yet unresolved query, is not achievable. The perfecting outcome is and remains inevitable, it simply is in waiting.

Epilogue: A frantic passenger approaches the Officer in charge of the Bridge; “Sir, is it true the ship is taking on water?” “Yes,” he replies, “It is.” “Well,” the passenger continues, “What are you doing about it? We’re hundreds upon hundreds of miles from port! Where is the Captain?” The Officer replies; “Good Sir this is not your affair, you mustn’t worry. One way or another I assure you the matter will resolve well before we reach our planned destination.” The passenger replies, “Well then, let’s just hope we’re close enough to swim for it!” 

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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