Dems Candidates Debate; A Flair for Underachieving

I believe the only appropriate diagnosis for Tuesday evenings performance is that the DNC is suffering from a serious case of displaced personality disorder. Underachieve elicits an enduring aftertaste that is as disappointing as it is sour, unforgiving and explicitly evidenced by the Party’s inability to fill their slate with candidates capable of inspiring voters away from Donald Trump.

At the moment all they’ve done is populate the field with Politicos with no single legislative/policy victory to their name and/or whose platforms perfectly telegraph that they haven’t any measurable grasp of the problems this country faces or possess even a modicum of understanding as to how to construct let alone affect a remedy. One would expect that the DNC, if they were truly championing the solemnity of their Impeachment script, would be drafting would-be voters via the high-road of inspired policy doctrines instead the outcome was quite different and most uninspiring; what Tuesday evening’s match-play (these events are demonstrations of political decay and certainly not or are they entitled to be referred to as debate) accomplished was to remind Americans that a dystopian future will follow a Democratic victory, whether via the Impeachment of Trump or by his loss in the upcoming presidential election.

It is clear to students of political-economic history that if any of the platforms promised (by these Candidates) were to be enacted the death-spiral initiated by Obama/Clinton will most certainly resume as will the race to the lowest possible common denominator; the certainty of outcome associated with the collision of the Titanic’s bow with that of the Ocean floor comes to mind.

No matter how bad you might think Trump may be I do believe you now have a magnificent opportunity to reconsider your perspectives this fabulously accurate study of contrasting outcomes provides. It is so very rare to have an opportunity that allows one to make the right choice simply by observing alternatives that openly illustrate just how concretely unsurvivable they are; rarely is the public rewarded with such transparency.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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