End-Run Again – Climate Change

Using an existing 1992 UN Climate Change Treaty, in effect, to bind the U.S. to an emissions regiment, President Obama will be able to bypass Congressional ratification. Absolutely bent on dragging the U.S. into global submission, by any means possible, Mr. Obama’s actions further illustrate a most imbalanced approach however succeeding at creating dysfunction has become the most conspicuous component of his agenda.

Placing the economic burden of subsidizing enforcement (on the U.S. Public) as a mechanism for global compliance is an inarticulate and idiotic ambition particularly given the depraved state of the U.S. financial health. It’s as if the idea that by destroying the economic engine of a demoralized nation will someone be a compelling ideal to other nations, particularly those that make the U.S. look like a sterile cleanroom, will joyfully follow suit. The defiance of reason has gone far beyond unspeakable!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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