Fascism on Display @ UC Berkeley

As a predictor of social dysfunction or simmering civil swill no State bests the State of California or its UC or State Universities where stylish is the dance with the non-sequiturs of Social Justice and the ambiguities of limp intellects reigns within the extremes of self-destruction. Anyone who watched Congresswoman Pelosi’s (D-Ca) recent appearance on the CNN sponsored Town Hall observed the perfect caricature of this destructive cesspool of thought and action.

California suffers the extremes of its manic lack of forbearance and a Public susceptible to the politics of fashionable-lunacy. Fanaticism-leadership from the likes of Gov. Brown and the thallic intemperance of Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (former Mayor of San Francisco) both firmly seated at the top of an architecture occupied by a kindred pool of equally infected pallbearers happy to walk the State toward oblivion.

In the case of U.C. Berkeley, which illustrates the dangers of this migratory plague, you have former Gov. of Arizona, then head of Dept. of Homeland Security and now head of the State’s University of California, Janet Napolitano. Explicit in her plans to further breach the boundaries of reason by expressing her willingness to label the entire State Taxpayer Subsidized University System to Sanctuary status. Milo Yiannopoulos has been on a state-wide tour of California universities and was to conclude his tour schedule Wednesday evening, on the campus of UC Berkeley, when his appearance was cancelled due to violent protests unimpeded by the inactions of university administrators, campus security or police response.

For an opposition that claims to be the sacred arbiters of conscientiousness objection, the birthplace of collegiate free-speech and the keepers of the social justice, their hypocrisy is on par with the depths of their ignorance. Their motives, as are their actions, are clearly a demonstration of desperation which is emblematic of both the ideological weakness of their position and a venomous form of self-loathing. If it were otherwise, then they’d feel no threat from an opposing viewpoint as the validity of a position is only proved thru the contest of honest and frank discourse. As it is, the effort is nothing more than Fascism on Display.  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder  

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