Bastardize Exec Order: A Simple Matter of National Security

While the media parrots, the Dems staged moral outrage and the Publics bewilderment assumes its lofty perch, I’m reminded that once again the fundamental facts are being completely overlooked. If anyone cares to read the actual Executive Order (EO) you will discover extraordinary relevant points:

  1. No provision of the EO is not, already, codified into existing law.
  2. There are waivers within the EO for Green Cards and existing Visa’s including both in process before the EO was enacted.
  3. The suspension of U.S. Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) is only for 120 Days which I find far too brief given that no data base, NO DATA BASE, exists whether via Interpol or State Bureaucracies upon which the U.S. can poll for data.

This, of course, should cause you to wonder what type of vetting, other than the individual interview process, is used to perform a background check or even confirm the information provided by the Interviewee.

As to the blow back that this EO, by targeting Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen (Countries, by the way, targeted by the previous Administration) is some sort of religious screening tool is equally flawed. If this were the case then why are Indonesia, Pakistan or India – the Nations with the largest Muslim populations – included? Further, and despite what Elizabeth Warren or Charles Schumer may imply, there is no Constitutional provision that entitles Foreign Nationals entry into the U.S.

The Trump EO is no surprise, it was a key component of his campaign, but more than that, over the last three years of the Obama Administration the (then) Security Apparatus of this country and a majority of Democrats made it clear that greater and expanded efforts were a necessity, an “absolute necessity.”

The EO was vetted thru legal filters and proved itself well within the Law and the privileges of the Office of the President. In practical terms, the argument is even more precise; how can a Nation be thought of as being sovereign to itself if it remains random in its practices, self-loathing in its Ideals and terminal in its unwillingness to preserve the very character it claims to be the strongest virtue, the mortar that binds its structure?

A truly great Nation stands or falls on the integrity of its character and the fortress of its people unified by a common ideal. It is most regrettable that many seem incapable of grasping the damage that they do and/or the damage that is done in their name. Whether one participates in the reckless vitriol or not, the Nation, as a whole, suffers the scars.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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