Hagel Ouster Signals

The Godfather movie’s greatest gift to contemporary culture lies in the bounty of magnificent metaphors one of which is particularly relevant for the outgoing Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel; in short, like the Corleone’s family counsel, Tom Hagen, he isn’t a wartime consigliere. He was brought in to grant a conciliatory wink to the Republicans while remaining inconspicuously non-confrontational to the micro-management weakness of Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton. Both of whom distinguish the plague that is the Administrations Foreign Policy regiment.

Obama is being forced to realize that his peevish world sentiment has had no effect on the inertia that lays behind the kinetic forces driving global geopolitical-economics; you’re either with’em or they’ll drag you down-under. That is the lesson Mr. Obama is just now beginning to face. The ouster of Mr. Hagel is merely the next-in-line signal that an entirely new push toward engineered conflict is nearing its flash-point.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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