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ON AIR with Host Mike Miller of WIMA 1150

The Foundations Weekly On-Point Series continues with Host Mike Miller of 1150 WIMA in Lima, Ohio and Policy Analyst, Curtis Greco. This week features – “Susan Rice, the Obama Vendetta and the Grand Deception!” This vignette appears throughout the week during Michael’s 6-9Am (ET) Show. Ohio’s In-Tune & In-Touch Host, catch him Live in-market or online at www.1150wima.com.

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Hagel Ouster Signals

The Godfather movie’s greatest gift to contemporary culture lies in the bounty of magnificent metaphors one of which is particularly relevant for the outgoing Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel; in short, like the Corleone’s family counsel, Tom Hagen, he isn’t a wartime consigliere. He was brought in to grant a conciliatory wink to the Republicans while remaining inconspicuously non-confrontational to the micro-management weakness of Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton. Both of whom distinguish the plague that is the Administrations Foreign Policy regiment.

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