Has Obama Lost the Middle-East to Russia?

The real question, I believe, is whether or not what’s left of Russia will want what’s left of the Middle-East once Obama’s done with it. With consideration to the moving points and the loosing-trends in the global game of chess, one thing is clear; the U.S. is remarkably good at destroying governments and completely unwilling to build stable and sovereign-democratic replacements particularly when failure presents a distinct advantage.

For example, do you think the Saudi’s would be attendant to U.S. ambitions if the Middle-East was a stable and sovereign-democratic region? Would Israel be reliant on the U.S.? Would Gaddafi needed to have been eliminated and the entire State of Libya sent into the stone ages if the U.S. and it European Allies interests weren’t threatened by Gaddafi pursuing Chinese investment in the redevelopment of their Energy Sector? Or his negotiation with Russia relating to their desire to have a naval base positioned on Libyan shores?

No, Assad has to go and in order for that to happen Russia has to take a fall or at least be pushed into a situation where they withdrawal or face an ever widening commitment that spans outside of Syria, thru Iraq and on down the Iranian perimeter. With the help of U.S. plant Jeffrey Feltman, currently Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs whose well-honed skills of disruption go all the way back to the early 1980’s with his involvement in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia. While under the employ of the U.S. Department of State, the process has begun by staging the “peace talks” in Geneva.

A seemingly noble venture which will provide an international stage for crafting and disseminating the complaints of the various parties of interest. The predictable and token “cease-fire” has emerged which will inevitably fail and the blame, no doubt, will be placed at the heels of the Russian-supported Assad regime. The carnage will expand which translates into a compelling cause or justification for the U.S.-backed incursion by Saudi and Turkish troops and how far it goes will depend on how much political and economic pain the Russian’s can endure.

If the combat zone extends down into the Iranian coast (Persian Gulf) and involves an attack on a U.S. warship then it could quickly ratchet-up to include Israel. Knowing Obama’s contempt for the U.S. political system and his desire to undermine U.S. public desires for autonomy this could all occur quite quickly. He’s running out of time particularly if Hillary proves unsustainable and then he’ll need to go to Candidate backup plan #2 which involves John Kerry who, by then, will be knee-deep in the Middle-East chaos and the who’s-better-than-Kerry- to-deal-with-international-affairs will be adopted by the media-mud-hens as the tour de force driving Kerry into the Presidential battle with the GOP and in to the White House hunt. Unless of course, Trump emerges as the GOP Nominee without the anointing of the GOP Sadists, this will get interesting.

Should the emergence of a “brokered” convention materialize, the voters will become unhinged and the GOP, as a Party, will never recover from the effects. Nationally we will enter into political-era far worse than many can imagine with consequences so disfiguring to the nation it will be unrecoverable. As whatever adverse-risk, as a prohibition, might have existed there will be nothing left to prevent the system from descending into an influence-plundering blood-sport of rabid desperation.

By the way, this is exactly how the British Monarchy, Germany’s Hitler and Russia’s Stalin came to power. Trump may or may not be the answer however, you can understand why, given the GOP & DNC alternatives, why folks would hope that he is.

Regardless of how one might orientate themselves to the issue one thing should be clear (as it is to me), this lawless intervention has got to stop!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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