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Trump Announces Middle-East and Greater Indo-Asian Policy

The reality is that the U.S. is in the global geo-political (military) quagmire by design; a design tethered to a global-hegemony routine orchestrated by an Elitist Ideology that long ago confiscated the resources of the U.S. expressly for the purpose of securing its predatory interests.

Trump, by no means a Globalist (the opposition waged against him is all the proof you need to affirm this), has no interest in military engagements however, he has come to understand one fundamental truth: a unilateral pull-out is accompanied by an unavoidable risk, the foot that fills the boot your departure abandons.

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Middle-East-The Real War!

History is a powerful mouthpiece; regardless of the preferred version intended still, from the ashes of history the facts defiantly speak of the truth as it actually occurred. Regardless of what you may think or have been told, the President’s targeting of Syria can only be observed as a humanitarian action, but only for a time. The “time” will end the moment the U.S. becomes committed to further and more destructive actions.

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Has Obama Lost the Middle-East to Russia?

The real question, I believe, is whether or not what’s left of Russia will want what’s left of the Middle-East once Obama’s done with it. With consideration to the moving points and the loosing-trends in the global game of chess, one thing is clear; the U.S. is remarkably good at destroying governments and completely unwilling to build stable and sovereign-democratic replacements particularly when failure presents a distinct advantage.

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Obama-Kerry Nuke Deal Opens Door for Russia

While Mr. Obama and his legion of supporters in Congress would have you believe that no Deal is the worst possible choice they continue to cold-shoulder the reality of consequence. Russia remains perplexed, if not completely mystified, by the Administrations pursuit of a Deal with Iran. They view the whole affair as simply another indication of Washington’s terminal dysfunction which effectively, by their actions, giving Putin a green-light to pursue interests in the Middle-East.

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Hillary: Obama’s Iran-Contra?

Distant as the Iran-Contra affair may be it is worth remembering that it nearly took down the Reagan Administration. The maze of chronic Middle-East policy failures that will forever define the Obama legacy is equaled only by the level of contempt, deceit and brazen disregard for the very system of government these people are sworn to uphold.

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