John Kerry: Pathogens of the Corrupt

In a near perpetual effort to drive himself away from the enclave of anonymity and insure a ready stream of revenue Kerry has become the progressive-fascists indispensable stooge. As a card-carrying member of the Clinton catalogue of post 60’s-era social predators, were Kerry travel depravity, failure and duplicity follow. Why and how does he attract such success? Simple, Kerry blushes with the symbiotic ooze of kumbaya; it’s so “John Kerry” that he, himself, is Beijing-Joe’s Climate Czar.

Skilled Opposition Intelligence understand the feckless mind of a predatory stooge; their weakness is their lust for identity, it’s so powerful they’ll knowingly bite a baited barb and in Kerry’s case, just like the Clinton’s and Obama, his legacy of weakness is a voluminous record; he’s more than an “easy mark”, he’s a “welcome” mat. Case in point the recent re-reporting of his passing of sensitive intelligence (of a U.S. Ally which, no doubt, he’s done before) this time passing Israeli Intel to (now) Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.

Yes, it is true that the Iranian regime is a sieve of duplicity and entirely capable of misinformation however it is also the case that Kerry was integral to the Obama Admins rush, desperate for a show of their foreign Policy aplomb, to affect “Iran Nuke Deal” and the extensively documented use of monetary inducements as a tool for getting both the EU and Iran to the table; the ebullient charm of Kerry, as well as most of the urchins at Dept. of State, would have no trouble using Israel as bait for moistening the jowls of Iran after all, between friends, what’s a few hundred more dead bodies.

John “Swifty” Kerry elaborate darning of Swift Boat fabrications is the skillset he advertises and one he’s become well known for and also the primary reasons for why he’s known as an easy “mark” and why most Governments of U.S. Allies conspicuously distance themselves when he come to call. His failed attempts to re-draw interest for a Paris Climate Accord Reset is yet another example of Kerry’s thallic nature and how it best described the nature and character of those occupying the inner-circle of the Biden Camp.

It is a certainty that the U.S., domestically and internationally, are being drawn into the trouble waters of an Administration that is thoroughly compromised. The pathogens of the corrupt disperse in a manner not unlike a dust storm, the particles no matter how small are nonetheless relentless as they are punishing. The blow back from this single event will  be felt!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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