Floyd Decision: Cat’s Don’t Bark

A view thru the prism of insanity is the latest social norm; whether from the vantage point within cancel-culture, color-in or outside-the-line-lives matter, the cult of professional sports destined to tarnished itself with frenetic nit-witted pc-alignment or the circus tent of corporate do-goodery’s marketing-feed perpetual affirmation of its own brand-diversity-identity pledge there is no quarter safe from the prevailing winds of lunacy.

How did we get to this implacable state of indifference? It is not merely the overt and deliberate opposition to substantive discourse, this schism is far too deep and systemic to be but a minor brush of chance. We are experiencing a critical push, the result of mounting pressures having accumulated exponentially, decades of depravity now forcing a seismic shift. With little to no inquiry into the substrate, the conditions and circumstances the lay behind the thematically dubious, the people have been bused into submission, subdued by the alure of an Executioner’s openly prescribed method of execution.

How bad is it? Well, here’s one example that proves my observations quite handily: Millions of folks are allowing themselves to be injected with a chemical cocktail that has no documentable efficacy, a record of clinical trial(s) affirming its safety or that the stew (vaccines) perform in the manner being claimed; with no objection, the People march in lock step with the cadence of dictatorial order. It won’t be long, I fully suspect, before the government offers rewards to those who have proven their willing compliance. Oh yes, you might even be given a celebratory armband.

The George Floyd decision is, unquestionably and on so many levels, an embarrassment to the Nation so extreme that I find its influence an effective and celebratory form of spiritual and intellectual asphyxiation. Yes, I am well aware that a great deal of political capital has been expended driving the quota-system of social justice scheme and yet I’m neither starved for appearing faithfully ignorant nor am I in need (or should you) of dehumanizing my ancestry so let’s not patronize the hornets’ nest, the home of predatorial vendors hustling the social-justice hammer and purge, once and for all, the moral equivalency narrative. This tiresome argument, the same patronized by those who champion the misanthropic tones of Roe vs. Wade, rests its hide on the mindlessness of the life = choice = rights recitation which it holds to as its sacred bastion of superior virtue; the argument is clearly apocryphal while its perimeter extremes are absolutely and without question defiantly hypocritical.

Regardless, and I think we can agree, the breach of order and candor has occurred at every level and yet once the political pay-dirt has been sufficiently tilled and the financial settlements summarily dispersed not a one of the play-actors will dare lay a paw on a matter of relevance. For example, how is that:

  1. The color of ones skin now determines the content or absence of their character?
  2. The judicial processes in pursuit of the holy-grail of justice is now the exclusive domain of political activists (yes you, Beijing-Joe Biden and your growing list of sycophants that begins with Maxine Waters)?
  3. None tease an inquiry into the history of George Floyd’s actions; have we forgotten it was his actions that drew the attention of Police (Derek Chauvin)? For a family and community so vocal in their asserting the novel ideal of victimhood I believe it entirely appropriate that they would want to issue a public report detailing their dedicated efforts in shaping and contouring the life that Mr. Floyd’s rap sheet so gallantly illustrates. If the criminal record of Mr. Floyd elevates him to such a level of reverence than explain to me why those who are victims of inner-city crime, where no police misdeeds are in evidence and no politician or news media take interest, attract only the level of effort and interest necessary to suppress the risk of (any) exposure.
  4. While I’ve written and spoken, many times, on the danger of this Nation having militarized the Police-function the irony of the political side-show that defines the episodic undertow of “defunding-the-police” what’s should be of key interest to the public is how quickly the tailwinds of political opportunists switch course. While today the defund-the-police is enjoying the predatory spotlight trumpeting the casual innuendo of social-injustice you can rest assured that tomorrow’s inversion of the poles will mime the inadequacy of police-funding as the headline used to explain the spike in gun violence, drug sales/abuse, single or no parent households, boarder crashing, failed public education systems and so on and so on.

In the process of making room for every form of insanity we’ve given leave to reason and discernment. There should be little doubt that the Chauvin Decision should be overturned and while I believe the process has not heard the last of the matter the open sore that remains is the Governments unresolved charge(s) against Chauvin and the four other Officers; all tinctured with the stench of political opportunism. If these Officers are to be charged with violating Mr. Floyd’s civil rights then Biden and his minions should, at the very least, be formally admonished/sanctioned by the U.S. Congress for having violated their oaths of office as well as the Judicial Process (Jury Tampering). There can be absolutely no tolerance for multiple forms of Justice, period.

What the George Floyd Episode has done is to expose the strain on this Nations foundational fiber all of which can be attributed to the willingness of a People to adapt to the schemes of political opportunists who, for purely personal gain, have victimized an entire nation. The dangers of this uncontrolled form of predation is long past the pandemic phase, it is endemic. The Prey have now adopted the very same methods of abuse which they now use to bleed the system; the multiplying effect, reproducing at an exponential level, of this swarm of locusts ravenous appetite is as much unsustainable as it is unsurvivable. Equal justice is now, apparently, dispensed through monetary policy; hold your communities’ hostage until the number of commas in your pool of zeros resolves your quest for justice, social or otherwise. Shame, Shame, Shame!

The inevitability of cause is unavoidable; it is both humorless and unbiased in its effect and its reach. The truth of this statement is most troubling to a culture that has become addicted to the drink of grand illusions, a universe where consequence is inconsequential, whereby mutual agreement you can call it whatever you want regardless of what it is, where dogs are cats and cats are dogs and where the amusements of creative lunacy are aplenty and yet one irreconcilable obstacle remains: Cat’s don’t bark.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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